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Statewide Criminal Record Searches

Statewide Criminal Record Searches- Check up on individuals your just "not sure" of. Conduct your own investigation on spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, nannies, or use this service to help identify workers and associates. Prevent costly mistakes by protecting your assets, self interest. Reduce liability. Ideal for investigations, research, and other snoopers.

Criminal Records 2018

I recently read some disturbing news in the Huffington Post. According to the article I was reading, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently conducted research that revealed that there are a lack of criminal background checks conducted on teachers. Consequently, the sexual abuse rate in schools is higher than expected. There are several reasons why sex offenders get hired in school districts. The first is because schools ignore red flags during the hiring process such as when an applicant doesn't answer the application question about previous felony convictions. A second reason is because schools neglect to conduct background checks. The final reason is because all districts are not reporting sexual abuse cases. According to the Seattle Times story on the topic, some teachers get "hired in new districts, often with a glowing recommendation from the school district that fired them." List of sex offenders living in the area: Included in t

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