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Instant Checkmate is a NON-PROFESSIONAL people finder and public records search service that provides users with unlimited background checks on a membership basis.

- Checking out your friends/ Facebook friends
- Checking out your neighbors
- Checking out parents of your children's friends
- Checking out your family members
- Finding somebody's current address
- Finding lost love interests and old friends
- Filling your personal address book

Sex Offender Monitor - Are Your Kids Safe?!
- Checking out sex offenders nearby

Online Dating/ Meeting New People
- Protect yourself by checking out potential online dates

Why Choose a US Search Background Check?

Since 1994, US Search people search results have helped millions reconnect with friends, family and loved ones.

Our Background Check gives you the facts about a person you are considering allowing into your life, home or business.

Our Background Check includes current address and phone, plus detailed background check data. And, you can customize based on your background check needs.

Our Background Check is emailed to you within 24 hours and when available, instantly.

What Is A Background Check?
A Background Check covers a lot of territory, which is why US Search offers several different background check services and packages. Most commonly the term background check refers to a variety of public records:
Vital statistics, like births, deaths, marriages, and divorces
Records for buying and selling owning real estate and registered assets
Criminal records, primarily convictions and incarcerations or sex offender registration
Civil court proceedings, like civil judgments and bankruptcies
Tax liens
Professional and business licenses
And, current contact information and previous addresses
This background check data is publicly available, but available it's the same as accessible. Most of these records are only available in their physical form, viewable at the courthouse or records office where they're filed. Each state, and sometimes each county, has different rules on how much information is available and who can access background check data.
US Search has access to multiple databases of these public records, so it is possible to search these other public and/or government offices.
US Search databases also include other information that is not normally included in public background checks:
Address directories
Phone number directories
Social Security Number verification
Extrapolated and cross-referenced data to identify relatives, possible aliases, and neighbors
These additional resources make it simple to use the information that you have to trace back to the background check you need. Running a background check usually starts with locating the person you're searching for using an address people search, phone number people search, or even a maiden name people search.
A background check from US Search can answer many of the who, what, when, and where, thereby confirming your trust and helping you gain peace of mind. Check out some background check customer testimonials and successful background check stories.


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