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Victim's name&A brief description of the circumstances surrounding the death

Police killed

Victim's name A brief description of the circumstances surrounding the death
James Brown III Brown allegedly shot and killed trooper Chad Dermyer when Dermyer approached Brown during a training exercise at a Greyhound bus station, police said. Other troopers shot back and killed Brown. Authorities said two more people were injured during the exchange of gunfire.
Matthew Wood Police said they shot and killed Johnson and his father, Matthew Wood Jr, while the two were aiming their guns across a street. The officers encountered the men during a patrol. Investigators said they believed the pair were about to begin shooting when police arrived. This narrative is heavily disputed by community members.
Kimani Johnson Police said they shot and killed Johnson and his father, Matthew Wood Jr, while the two were aiming their guns across a street. The officers encountered the men during a patrol. Investigators said they believed the pair were about to begin shooting when police arrived. This narrative is heavily disputed by community members.
Angel Montion Montion barricaded himself inside his home when deputies attempted to arrest him on kidnapping and assault charges, police said. Deputies said they shot and killed Montion at the end of a standoff when he left the home waving a gun.
Robert Morgan Garrison Jr. A deputy was investigating an assault report when Garrison came out with a knife and gun. Garrison was ordered repeatedly to put the rifle down but police said Garrison did not comply. Garrison reportedly yelled at deputies “Kill me! Kill me! Kill me!” and then pointed his rifle as if to shoot. Two deputies complied.
Joseph Melvin An officer fatally shot Melvin, who police said was a suspect in a burglary, after Melvin reportedly struck the officer's head with a flashlight during a physical struggle as the officer responded to a burglar alarm.
Deriante Deon Miller A trooper responded to a call for assistance by the Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office involving a shooting that had occurred at Club Aries. As the trooper approached the scene, he encountered two men running towards him. The trooper saw that one of the subjects had a gun. The man failed to comply with the trooper’s commands to stop and drop the weapon. Police say he pointed the weapon at the trooper who shot and killed him.
Loreal Tsingine Two officers who responded to a reported shoplifting of beer from the Circle K in Winslow. The shoplifter was described as a Native American female wearing gray sweatpants and a white top. Two blocks from Villaescusa’s house, the two officers attempted to apprehend Tsingine. According to police, while attempting to take the subject into custody, a struggle ensued. The subject displayed a weapon which the responding officer perceived as a substantial threat. The officer shot and killed Tsingine. Video contradicts some of the threat expressed by police.
Earl Ashby Deputies responded to a home on a welfare check. When they arrived they were told Ashby had a gun and had gone into a shed near the home. A person in the home told deputies she heard a gunshot from the shed after Ashby went there. After deputies surrounded the shed and tried to speak with Ashby, the door of the shed suddenly swung open. Ashby came out carrying a handgun. Deputies ordered him to drop the gun and get down onto the ground, but they said Ashby ignored their commands. He moved toward the deputies, raised the gun and pointed it them, and he was shot and killed.
Jeffery K. Lanahan Police responded to a domestic disturbance at Lanahan's home, police said. According to police, Lanahan charged out of the front door in the direction of the officer with a large knife in his hand. The officer shot Lanahan in the chest, killing him.
Jose Perez Two 911 callers reported a man at 75 Cambridge St. “threatening to kill everyone." Officers said they shot and killed the man after he advanced on police and refused to drop his weapons.
Donald Andrew White According to Myrtle Beach Police Department, a person called to say that a man was acting strange at the intersection of 21st Avenue North and Robert Grissom Parkway. Officers arrived at the intersection and saw that the man had a gun in his hand. The man presented the gun in a manner that made officers fear for their lives, and they shot and killed him.
Patrick Matthew McManamon Police say two people started arguing and shooting at each other. A witness called 911 and followed the men to the Hyatt Place Hotel and led police right to where they could find the suspects. Police say one of the suspects, Edward King, 51, was already dead once officers arrived at the Hyatt parking lot. That's when police say 46-year-old Patrick McManamon opened fire and shot Officer Jose Rodriguez, 53. Rodriguez and another officer were able to return fire, killing McManamon.
Robert Guerin People called 911 Saturday night to report Robert Guerin driving erratically while waving a gun out the window, police said. When officers pulled him over, there was a brief standoff. Police say Guerin pointed his gun at three officers, and one of the officers shot and killed him.
Terrence Shane Blackburn Virginia State Police say a Grundy Police officer and a Buchanan County Sheriff's Deputy responded to a call of a suicidal person. Before they got to the scene a second call came in saying the man was armed and outside the home firing a weapon. When the deputy and officer arrived, they got into a confrontation with Blackburn. Police say the Grundy Police Officer shot and killed him.
Jermon Seals Police were investigating a series of robberies. Seals was one of the suspects, and he was shot and killed during a robbery. Police said he pointed a gun at them.
Dominique "Nonny" Silva Police responded to a call regarding an armed robbery. Police say the officer say Silva, who matched the description, tried to question him, and he ran, pointing a gun--later found to be a BB gun. He was shot and killed.
Joel Gonzales Police were responding to a disturbance call. When they arrived they encountered Gonzales inside the home, armed. He was holding a handgun in one hand and a knife in the other. Officers repeatedly told him to drop the weapons, but Gonzales refused and advanced on officers who shot and killed him.
Mario Sandoval Police were investigating a stolen vehicle. Police say Sandoval fired first and was shot and killed.
Andrew Bermudez or Andrew Mike A man abducted his ex-girlfriend from an Office Depot, holding her hostage for nearly three hours during a standoff with police before shooting her and being killed by police sharpshooters.
Robert L. Dussourd Police were investigating a domestic dispute. Police found Dussourd hiding under a parked car, police said. Police tried to talk Dussourd into surrendering, but he emerged from underneath the car brandishing a knife, which he continued to hold even after officers fired at him with non-lethal bean bags.He was shot and killed after reportedly telling police to shoot him.
Alexio Allen Officers were called to the house by a woman who said Allen was having a mental episode that included hallucinations. Police said the officer shot and killed Allen as he struggled with a woman believed to be his girlfriend or fiancee over a rifle.
Raymond Gonzalez Gonzalez was standing with another man in front of Scotty's Liquor Store when officers spotted him. A plainclothes officer thought he was acting "suspiciously" and tried to contact him, police said. Gonzalez dropped a backpack and fled, and as he ran he pulled a handgun out of his waistband.An officer fired one round and missed. Police said body cam video shows when Gonzalez raised himself up, he had a black object in his hand that the officer believed was a gun. The officer fired again, this time killing Gonzalez.
Daven Scott Hannu Police said an officer saw a suspicious driver pull into an RTD station lot. The car's lights were turned off. The officer talked to the driver, and walked back his patrol car. Police said the officer was seated back in his car when the suspect shot at him with a shotgun. The officer fired back, but the man returned to his car and drove off. The driver stopped in the middle of the road at Grant Street and E. 86th Avenue. Police said the suspect approached them with the shotgun and started shooting. Police shot and killed him.
Ethan James Rincon Ethan James Rincon was shot and killed by police late Tuesday after cracking the windows and slashing the tires of six cars, then threatened three officers with a pickaxe, police said.
Travis J. Blair During a traffic stop, Blair refused to comply with the officer’s commands, and they fought. Blair then put his vehicle in drive, dragging the officer before the car crashed into a ditch. The fight continued between Blair and the officer. Blair then fled the vehicle on foot. The officer pursued the suspect on foot for a few hundred feet before catching up to the suspect. Blair again refused to comply with the officer’s commands, another fight happened, and the officer shot and killed Blair. Blair apparently was wanted for failing to appear in court on a felony drug possession charge.
Dylan Pape Police responded for a report that Pape had a gun and was threatening harm. After an hour of negotiations, police said Pape appeared with what appeared to be a gun and was shot by Lt. Christopher Baker and Sgt. Steven Perrotta. Assistant Police Chief James Matheny said the gun was a fake, although it appeared to be a real semiautomatic pistol.
Edward Gorinski Gorinski was using a rifle in an attempted carjacking. He was shot and killed.
Ralph "Phil" Grenon Grenon, who was mentally ill and known to police, advanced on police with knives when he was shot and killed.
Robert Dentmond Officials say they responded to the Majestic Oaks apartment complex after Dentmond called 911 saying he had an automatic weapon and that he was going to shoot himself. Dentmond was shot and killed after officials told him to drop his gun, but he didn't comply. The "gun" turned out to be a toy rifle.
Abraham Martinez Officers with the Fort Wayne Police Department and Indiana State Police responded to a call about shots fired at an AutoZone. When they arrived on scene, officers found a man with a gun outside of the business. According to police, the suspect began to fire shots at officers while trying to flee. He was shot and killed by Fort Wayne Police Officer David Wilkins.
Boyd Keith Ballard Ballard stabbed his daughter's boyfriend and was shot and killed in the parking lot when he advanced towards officer with knives saying, "Shoot me."
Clarence Briggs Armed with a handgun, Briggs, who retired from the police force four years ago, went to the toll booth and ordered two of the workers into the booth, police said. Briggs then attempted to tie up the victims, but when they began to fight back, Briggs tried to leave the scene, as the victims also tried to run. About that time, a turnpike fare collection vehicle arrived at the toll station, as Ronald Heist, who worked as a security guard at the turnpike, also came into view. At that point, Briggs opened fire, striking Grouse and Heist. The driver of the collection vehicle then fled, and Briggs took off in the vehicle and drove it to his own car, which was parked several hundred yards away. Briggs began to unload money from the collection vehicle into his own car when police arrived, and there was an exchange of gunfire. Briggs was shot and killed.
Thurman Reynolds Park Forest Police were investigating a break-in at a vacant home and a stolen vehicle found at the location. After learning a person was inside the building, police set up a perimeter around the home. As the suspect left, police say they tried to take him into custody, he produced a handgun and started shooting at the officers, and he was shot and killed.
India M. Beaty Police said Beaty threatened a man with a replica gun when they shot and killed her.
Joshua Douglas Police said a deputy killed Douglas in a residential area off Helenberg Road south of Covington. Deputies had been chasing Douglas for a traffic violation.
Dylan R. Whitaker Kentucky State Police says a trooper was involved in a chase with an ATV that ended on Dragline Road. Police said the driver of the ATV, Whitaker, lost control and overturned. The suspect then allegedly brandished a handgun and fired shots at the trooper, who shot and killed him.
Michael Mallet Police went to arrest a man for child molestation. After an overnight standoff, police sent in tear gas. He came out with a gun and was shot and killed.
Sunny Chin Police say officers responded to a domestic disturbance call. Once on scene, officers spoke to Sunny Chin, 53, who they say who refused to cooperate and pointed a handgun at them, misfired, and when back into the house. Later, Chin came out of the house and onto his carport, with a gun tucked into a towel around his waist. Officers approached the suspect while carrying a shield, and ordered him to keep his hands visible and not fire on them. Chin then reportedly reached for the weapon at his waist and fired one shot, which hit the shield. Officers then shot and killed Chin.
Map Kong Officers responded to a call about a man acting suspiciously outside the McDonalds off Hwy. 13 and Washburn Avenue. They confronted the man, who police say was brandishing a knife, and shot and killed him.
Christopher Nelms Police were surveiling five suspects who attempted to rob an Affordable Furniture store, police said. The men came out running and ignored verbal commands to drop their weapons. Two were shot and killed.
Scott Bennett Police were surveiling five suspects who attempted to rob an Affordable Furniture store, police said. The men came out running and ignored verbal commands to drop their weapons. Two were shot and killed.
Ryan Shorak Authorities said Shorak, who had been drinking alcohol, threatened his wife and was armed with an AK-47 and 50 caliber pistol. She left the home, but when police arrived the man fired at least ten shots at officers with a semi-automatic rifle. After several hours of standoff, police shot and killed him.
Cristian Rene Medina Deputies responded to a false robbery report and found Medina, who held his hands as though he were holding a gun, pointing his finger at the deputies. He was shot and killed.
Vincent Avila Authorities said Avila broke into the officer's home. The officer, who was off duty at the time, fatally shot Avila after he ignored commands to lie on the floor and reached into his waistband, police said.
Eric Hernandez Hernandez got into an altercation with neighbors who were moving furniture and fired shots at their home around 2 a.m. He went back inside his home, and while a search warrant was being prepared, police kept watch to make sure he didn't come out again with a gun. When SWAT arrived around 10 a.m. to the serve the warrant, the man came out of the house armed with a weapon and started pacing in front of his home and in the street. He was shot and killed.
Dennis Matthew Penny Deputies were called to check the welfare of a woman on Blewett Falls Road in Lilesville. The woman’s boyfriend, Penny, exchanged gunfire with the deputies and was shot and killed.
Syiid Brinkley Two teenagers, Cornell Gilbert and Syiid Brinkley in a stolen car were killed in a crash after the driver fled police, police said. Patrol officers had been on the lookout for the car after it was reported stolen nearby earlier in the day, police said. Officers in a marked police cruiser spotted the BMW and attempted to stop it. The driver, fleeing from police attempting to stop the car, hit a curb and then crashed into the utility pole. The driver was not injured. while both passengers died. Witnesses at the scene said they believe police were chasing the stolen car, which is prohibited under department policy. Police deny they were chasing the vehicle.
Cornell Gilbert Two teenagers, Cornell Gilbert and Syiid Brinkley in a stolen car were killed in a crash after the driver fled police, police said. Patrol officers had been on the lookout for the car after it was reported stolen nearby earlier in the day, police said. Officers in a marked police cruiser spotted the BMW and attempted to stop it. The driver, fleeing from police attempting to stop the car, hit a curb and then crashed into the utility pole. The driver was not injured. while both passengers died. Witnesses at the scene said they believe police were chasing the stolen car, which is prohibited under department policy. Police deny they were chasing the vehicle.
Joseph Harris Harris apparently shot his girlfriend and then fled. Police caught up with him a few blocks away and shot and killed him.
Ed Russell McIver Sr. Fort Worth police officers attempted a felony traffic stop for 43-year-old Ed McIver Sr., who was with his 21-year-old son, Ed McIver Jr. The pair fled, and the father was shot and killed not long later. The son was later captured.
Daniel Wooters Evansville officers fatally shot a man after a chase that started when he charged at another officer with a knife and stole her squad car.
Lamar Harris Officers were investigating "possible narcotics activity," police said. They approached Harris, who took off running and then turned and fired, hitting one officer in the back, another in the foot and the third officer in the chest, possibly in his bulletproof vest, police said. At least one of the officers shot and killed Harris.
Jacai Colson Prince George’s County Police Officer Jacai Colson was killed when a gunman opened fire on officers outside the department’s District III station, which is near the county headquarters, police said. Colson was intentionally shot and killed by another officer during the exchange of gunfire. He was not in uniform, and it may have been a case of mistaken identity.
Jose Raul Cruz Off-duty Officer Ken Johnson saw a burglary and pursued the car before shooting and killing the boy.
Wesley Chad Deerman Police say Deerman fired on them after he ran into a ditch, fleeing capture while driving a stolen car. He was shot and killed.
Amy Jean McCoy A woman driving erratically crashed her car, then tried to break into homes armed with hammer and knife. She attacked the police who responded to the attempted breakins, and they shot and killed her.
Joshua Grubb Police responded to a call from the Ruby Tuesdays restaurant across the street from the Bimbo's gas station. Police were arresting the driver of a pickup, when a passenger took off. Officer Tyrel Lorenz got in the back of the truck and shot and killed Grubb.
Gevork Alachadzhyan Alachadzhyan stole a West Covina police car and after a chase was shot and killed.
Peter William Gaines Police said the man was along the feeder road of the Eastex Freeway where he appeared agitated and under the influence while yelling obscenities. An officer tried to calm down the man, but he charged at the officer and kept coming even after a Taser was used on him, police said. The officer then fired his weapon multiple times and struck the man.
Keith Montgomery Jr. Police say the incident started as a suspected stolen car stop and escalated. A chase of three armed suspects ended in a shootout. Montgomery and Chester Police Captain Alan Davis was injured.
Marco Antonio Loud A deputy interceded during an apparent carjacking attempt involving Loud, then struggled with him, police said. The deputy used a Taser to control the situation, to no avail. Police said Loud grabbed the Taser and struck the deputy, who shot and killed Loud.
Christopher Michael Tokazowski Police went to a house and resolved a domestic dispute. Hours later, they returned to the home to serve papers, and Tokazowski met them at the door with a gun. After a standoff and a shootout, he was found dead.
Tyre Privott Privott was wanted for questioning in a murder investigation. When police approached him, he shot at them and was shot and killed.
Teodoro (Teo) Valencia Jr. Officers responded to a call of a male gunman holding up the restaurant. About three minutes later, the robbery suspect left through the kitchen where a police officer positioned outside the back of the restaurant ordered him to stop, police said. The man turned toward the officer and pointed a black semi-automatic handgun at him, police said. The officer shot and killed him.
Jack Goodman Goodman called police saying he was armed and was going to kill himself. He advanced on police with a knife and was shot and killed.
Manford Moore Jr. A man was sitting in his truck with a gun pointed out the window, about a mile outside of town. He got out of the car and pointed it at deputies and was shot and killed.
Martin Rene Hurtado Hurtado pointed a gun at police as he tried to run from a traffic stop.
Arteair Porter Porter called police claiming his child had died and that he wanted to shoot someone. They tracked him by his cell phone, and he threatened them with a BB gun before he was shot and killed.
German Gustavo Anchondo Gonzalez Police say Gonzalez was pulled over a gas station off the interstate, ran, stole a nearby car, and accelerated toward officers. He was shot and killed.
Wesley Sheppard Motorists reported a man with a gun on Popp's Ferry Bridge. At the time of this writing, it is uncertain if he fired on police before he was shot and killed.
Jason Wade Meador Police say a man was cornered in an alley and he poured flammable liquid on himself before he pointed his gun at law enforcement and was shot and killed.
Jeffery Glen Casale Casale appeared to be having some sort of breakdown when he threatened officers with a CO2 powered toy gun. He pointed it at police and was shot and killed.
Jose Cordoba Cordoba died after being shocked several times with a Taser during a physical struggle with two officers in a strip mall. Police said he got out of his car and ran away after being stopped for driving erratically. The officers caught up to him and a fight ensued.
Daniel Chavez According to police, the Pecos Valley Drug Task Force had gone to a home in Carlsbad to arrest Chavez. They say Chavez tried to escape on foot, and then in a vehicle before he was shot.
John Charles “JC” Graham Three deputies were dispatched to a domestic disturbance, and around 20 minutes after their arrival Graham came out the front entrance of the residence and fired a shot at the deputies, police said. Deputies shot and killed Graham.
Phillip Vitullo Officers were called to an apartment building for a report that a man there had threatened someone with a shotgun. A standoff ensued, with the suspect firing at least twice from inside the apartment building. When Vitullo leaned out of an apartment window with a shotgun, Officer Jeremy Nellist fired once, killing him.
Byron Rosas Rosas apparently stabbed his estranged wife and another person before police shot and killed him.
Randall J. Selsor Police attempted to serve warrants on Selsor. Police say a fight started and that's when he was shot and killed.
Osvaldo Torres Police said Torres led police on a car chase after refusing to pull over for a traffic stop. After crashing, he shot at police and was shot and killed.
Mark Minnick Police responded for a report of a man firing a gun. The first officer to arrive encountered Minnick and told him to drop his weapon. Minnick didn't comply and moved toward the officer, pointing his gun at him when the officer shot and killed him.
James Anthony Scott Police responded to a 911 call regarding a person with a gun threatening another. When police arrived, Scott ran, leaving the weapon in the building. He was shot and killed.
Darrell P. Bosell Bosell was wanted by State Police on suspicion of stealing a handgun from a relative. When police caught up to him, he didn't drop the gun, which was not loaded.
Herbert Ballance Beaumont police officers fatally shot Ballance, a suspect of car theft, when he confronted the officers when they responded to the trailer park regarding a car theft.
John Alan Chamberlain Chamberlain was shot and killed when he confronted two deputies responding to a call.
Brandon Stanley A constable was attempting to serve an arrest warrant inside a gas station when Stanley was shot and killed. Very little information has been released regarding this death.
Sergio Ochoa After threatening his girlfriend with a gun, Ochoa led police on a chase. Police tracked him down at a home with seven people inside. Officers chased him into the backyard where police say he pulled out several large kitchen knives. Officers attempted to use a less lethal beanbag round, but were unsuccessful. Ochoa continued to advance towards officers with the knives, and police shot and killed him.
Alex Thompson Thompson led police on a car chase after he ignored a deputy's commands to pull over for speeding, according to authorities. Police said an officer shocked Thompson when he ran toward the officer and ignored commands. Thompson died several days later
Daniel David Burkhardt Three police arrived at the location after being dispatched to the area for a report of a man with a knife. State police said the Johnstown officers said they came in contact with Burkhardt and that he was armed with two knives, one in each hand. State police said the officers told him to drop the knives, but he wouldn't and moved toward the officers. Officers fired bean bag rounds from a shot gun and a Taser at Burkhardt, but he continued to move toward them. That's when police shot and killed him.
Travis Bradley Police said Bradley was shot and killed after firing on sheriff's deputies and refusing to surrender during a standoff at a home. The Harford County Sheriff's Office said that deputies responded after reports of a suicidal person. Deputies had attempted to communicate with the man in person and by phone, but after some negotiations, he came out of the home and fired a gun. Police shot and killed him.
Jorge Brian Gonzalez Officer David Hofer was shot and killed by Gonzalez after responding to a call of possible shots fired at the park. Gonzalez was then shot and killed by police.
Dimitri Corcino Corcino was shot and killed by a Palm Bay police officer after a two-hour standoff that started over threats about construction work next door, police said.
Mickey Dewayne Sweatt Sweatt was shot and killed by a Gautier Police Department officer after a two-hour standoff that started over a domestic disturbance, police said.
Akiel Rakim Lakeith Denkins Police say they were arresting Denkins on a warrant when he bolted. They say he pulled a gun, and they shot and killed him. This is disputed.
Earl W. Hicks Police were investigating a shooting. Police say Hicks pointed a gun at an officer, prompting him to shoot and kill him.
Nathan Grissom Police were called to a domestic disturbance. Police say Grissom took out a gun as officers approached him, and he was shot and killed.
Fernando Hernandez Police said Hernandez had stolen a car and fired shots at a house on a Wilson County road and began driving around Highway 181. Deputies began pursuing the man until he stopped, got out of the car and began firing at the deputies. Deputies returned fire, killing Hernandez.
Kionte DeShaun Spencer Officers told Spencer several times to stop walking northbound on Electric Road, but he would not, according to police. Police say there were two attempts to tase Spencer, but neither were effective. The Roanoke County police chief says two officers then fired shots at Spencer after he turned toward them. A BB gun was still in Spencer's hand when he was shot.
Abraham Mitchell Fryer After a traffic stop, Fryer and Pennington County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Schoeberl fought, although it has not been reported what caused the fight. Schoeberl shot and killed Fryer.
Cedric Larry Ford Ford led police on a miles long shooting spree before being killed at a factory. He'd killed three and injured 14 before police shot and killed him.
Greg Gunn An officer noticed a suspicious looking man walking in the area and stopped to talk to him. That's when a struggle between the officer and the man occurred, police say. The struggle lasted for about a block before the officer fired a shot at the man and killed him. The man was alleged to have had a painting pole or stick.
Tristan Stearns Conti A deputy was shot, one suspect was killed and another was hurt in an officer-involved shooting that stemmed from a Sparks, Nevada, carjacking and ended in Silver Springs, 45 miles away.
Luke Nathan Miller Officers were investigating a suspicious vehicle. Two suspects ran. One temporarily got away, but a couple hours later, police caught up with him. According to police, he shot at them and was shot and killed.
Victor Rivera Phoenix police say Rivera was driving a stolen car when he was shot and killed by police after using the car as a battering ram in an attempt to flee.
Francisco Garcia A deputy was investigating a stolen car. He told the decedent to get out of the car, but the decedent hit the deputy with the car. The deputy shot and killed him.
Martin Wirth Eight deputies were trying to serve a high-risk eviction notice. Martin Wirth had been going through a lengthy eviction dispute over the property. Police say Wirth came out to his deck, paused and then went back inside. Officers then followed him inside the residence. As they entered, police say Wirth fired at the officers. Officers returned fire, shooting and killing Wirth. Corporal Nate Carrigan, who was with Park County Sheriff's Office for 13 years, was shot and died at the scene.
Robert Keil Keil is said to have called police, saying there was a burglarly in progress, and then when they arrived, rushed them with a knife.
Christopher J. Davis Police from the Town of East Troy Police Department, Walworth County Sheriff's Office and Village of East Troy Police Department approached a vehicle in the parking lot of Roma's Ristorante and Lounge, according to the sheriff's office. The sheriff's office was assisting village of East Troy police with a drug investigation. The sheriff's deputy shot Davis after the vehicle driver failed to follow commands from law enforcement.
Travis Stevenson Deputies were called out to a home after Stevenson's girlfriend reported that he had allegedly broken into her apartment and sprayed mace at her and her daughter. Stevenson left before the deputies arrived, but they were able to reach him on the phone when he threatened to jump from a bridge. Law enforcement checked both bridges crossing the Mississippi River in the area and were unable to find Stevenson. Two EBRSO homicide detectives found him and tried to get Stevenson out of his vehicle. Police say the detectives shot and killed Stevenson after he tried to ram into them with his vehicle.
Baltazar Ramos The decedent caused a disturbance at a bus station. He was opening gas tanks with a machete, and apparently trying to light them. He may have struck an officer with the machete before he was shot and killed.
Alex Buckner Buckner shot his family and set their home ablaze. Killed were Kim, his mother, his father, Vic, and his sisters, Kaitlin, 18, and Emma, 6. Alex was shot by police inside the burning home.
Angel Alan Gleason Police said Gleason was driving a stolen BMW when officers from the San Joaquin County Delta Regional Auto Theft Team spotted him. They gave chase, and at some point Manteca police got involved. It went south on Highway 99 and entered Ripon, where Gleason took the Jack Tone Road offramp. His car struck another car occupied by a woman and her young daughter, causing it to overturn. Gleason got out of the BMW armed with a handgun, jumped over a guard rail and onto an embankment above railroad tracks. Police shot and killed him.
Gerardino Cayetano Gonzalez Police said officers investigating a burglary call made contact with two suspects on Irving Street. One of the two was taken into custody. One of the suspects fled on foot and was chased by police. Police said the suspect then carjacked a vehicle and police began chasing that car. The chase ended a short time later when the suspect lost control and officers stopped the car at 35th and Lowell Boulevard. Shots were exchanged and the suspect was shot and killed.
Patricia Kruger Patricia Kruger entered a residence. Kruger was allowed into the residence by the homeowner at which time she grabbed the homeowner’s gun. As the homeowner fled the residence, Kruger fired the gun. Troopers attempted to make contact with Kruger. Shots were fired by Kruger, and she was shot and killed.
David Green II Mission police received a call for a domestic disturbance between a man and his adult son. The man said his son was outside with an ax, hitting the house and a vehicle. When police arrived to the scene, they said David Green outside with a machete. Officers told Green to put the weapon down, but he got into his truck and drove at an officer. The police fired shots at Green. He led police on a chase through the RV park and struck a patrol vehicle. Green tried to hit more officers with the vehicle and was shot and killed. It has been reported he was off his medication.
Jamie Clark Long Bakersfield Police Department received a report of a male brandishing a knife and threatening employees at the Amtrak Station. Several minutes later, a second call was received from an employee of Amtrak who stated this same suspect was now charging at employees with a knife. Within minutes of the second call, a Bakersfield police detective arrived and contacted the suspect. During the contact, the detective shot and killed him.
Rouven Loch Loch was suspected of burglary. Police contacted him on the telephone and asked him to come out. He refused and said he had a gun. They shot tear gas into the house, and when he came out, he pointed a pellet gun at them and was shot and killed.
Kisha Michael Officers said they received a call of a suspicious vehicle stopped. When they approached the car, they noticed the woman in the car had a gun and ordered her and a male occupant out of the vehicle, said Scott Collins, a spokesman for the Inglewood Police Department. Officers then took cover and opened fire, killing both people. The familiy believes the woman is Kisha Michael, the man is still unidentified.
Marquintan Sandlin Officers said they received a call of a suspicious vehicle stopped. When they approached the car, they noticed the woman in the car had a gun and ordered her and a male occupant out of the vehicle, said Scott Collins, a spokesman for the Inglewood Police Department. Officers then took cover and opened fire, killing both people. The familiy believes the woman is Kisha Michael, the man is still unidentified.
Che Andre Taylor Police were investigating a suspictious car when they came upon an armed man. He didn't follow police orders and was shot and killed.
Sherrisa Homer Police responded to shots fired at an apartment complex. They could see Homer throught the window, and she pointed her gun at them, at which point she was shot and killed.
Edgar Camacho-Alvarado Police are withholding much information, but it appears agents went to arrest George Bond, who lived a couple trailers away, but got in some sort of fight with Camacho-Alvarado and shot and killed him. His family says the government tried to arrest the wrong person.
Marcos Perea Perea had killed his girlfriend as she worked at a nursing facility in University Place, police said. Police soon spotted him and chased his vehicle southbound on I-5 as he shot at them. He headed north on I-5, at which point the pursuing officers forced his car to spin out near an exit for Tillicum. He took cover behind his vehicle and engaged police in a shootout. Twelve officers from three agencies — Lakewood and Steilacoom police, as well as the sheriff's department — shot back, killing him.
Danny Rendon A call of shots fired in the 900 block S. Roberts Street. Police said a male victim was shot in the leg by the suspect and is in stable condition. Police said the victim and suspect were related. Family members said one was a brother-in-law of the other, and the two were fighting before making their way to a second location where the fatal encounter took place. Rendon had apparently fired at a police helicopter.
Charles Lee Lambert Tishomingo County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a domestic situation at a residence. Lambert, his wife and 10-year-old daughter were in the house when deputies arrived. The situation escalated to a stand-off when the man refused to comply with officers’ instructions to come out. The Mississippi Highway Patrol (MHP) troopers and agents from Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics (MBN) responded at the request of the Tishomingo County Sheriff. After several hours, two combined tactical teams from MHP and MBN entered the home. Upon entry, shots were fired between the man and law enforcement officers and MBN Agent Lee Tartt and Lambert were killed. Additionally, three state troopers who entered the home were wounded.
Curtis James Dugger An officer was in the area looking for Dugger who was wanted on federal warrants. They exchanged gunfire, the officer was wounded and Duggar was killed.
Justin Patrick Moses Details are sketchy, but Ogden police say they found Moses, 35, stabbing a woman near 400 N. 600 East when they responded to a domestic violence call. An officer shot and killed Moses.
Ronnie Lee Padron Police responded because someone was shooting out of a home. After several hours of standoff, Padron came out with a gun, shooting at police, and was shot and killed.
Jose Quintanilla Officers responded after a report of a burglary. The officers made contact with four suspects and a confrontation ensued, police said. At some point, police opened fire. The spokesman did not know the specific circumstances that led to the shooting. Two people were killed by police and two arrested.
Oscar Reyes Officers responded after a report of a burglary. The officers made contact with four suspects and a confrontation ensued, police said. At some point, police opened fire. The spokesman did not know the specific circumstances that led to the shooting. Two people were killed by police and two arrested.
Joseph Noel Three police responded to a call of a man allegedly beating his wife. When they arrived at the home, Brian Noel told the officers to arrest his son, Joseph Noel. The officers found Joseph Noel hiding in the attic. They said Noel held up an object that the officers believed to be a firearm. The officers said Noel charged at them. The officers deployed a Taser and fired shots at Noel. He was shot in the leg, which killed him.
Trevor Tyreke Chambers According to Midway Police, authorities initiated a pursuit of a stolen vehicle. Police say the chase began in Midway, and ended in a residential neighborhood when the vehicle crashed. The passenger was killed.
Paul Gaston Police responded to a crash in which a man left the vehicle with an airsoft gun and appeared disoriented or intoxicated. At first, he appeared to cooperate with police who told them to drop the airsoft gun, and then he didn't, and he was shot and killed.
Shawn Henry Allen Dickens According to police, an officer approached Dickens outside a convenience store on Reeves Avenue around noon. During the confrontation, Dickens fled, dropping a handgun. The release says the man turned around to try and pick up the gun when he was ordered not the by the officer. Police say he repeatedly disobeyed this command and the officer shot and killed him.
Christopher Andrews Police killed a man who attacked his wife and children with a knife.
Destry Meikle Police responded to a vehicle accident that involved two homes. The driver first hit, and then attempted to hit again, a police person. He shot and killed him.
Guadalupe Sauceda Police responded to a call about a home invasion. They met the suspect on the back porch and exchanged gunfire, killing him.
Brandon Lee Witt Deputies responded to a call of a suspicious-vehicle parked outside the Extended Stay America. When deputies, arrived they found Witt sitting in the vehicle. Police said a fight occurred between the deputy and a person in the car. Authorities have not released more details about what happened.
Eduardo Rodriguez A man became combative during a traffic stop, which deputies made in the course of a stolen-vehicle investigation, according to police. During the fight, deputies said they believed the man was reaching for a gun. He failed to obey orders and was shot and killed.
Rammy Jaradat Officers responded abto a report of “unknown trouble." The call was subsequently upgraded to a report of a hot-prowl burglary and later to an assault with a deadly weapon. The officers arrived to find a male victim suffering from a stab wound. As they attempted to render aid and called for an ambulance, they were directed to a man who was armed with a knife, police said. He was subsequently shot and killed.
Marc Stoddart Marc Stoddart's wife called law enforcement saying her husband was drunk, armed with a knife and threatening to hurt her and himself. Stoddart was outside and armed with a knife when deputies arrived and had cut his wrists. Deputies told him to drop the knife. He refused, then approached a deputy in what police said was a threatening manner. He was shot and killed.
Ali Eisa Abdalla Yahia Police say they  initially went to the hotel on a drug complaint. After entering the lobby, officers confronted three people and a scuffle began with one of them. The person in scuffle was in possession of a handgun and fired it. He was shot and killed.
Calvin Smith Officers were responding to a report that someone was damaging property when a suspect jumped into a vehicle and drove off. He led police on a 2-mile chase before bailing out of the car with a rifle. He fired at the two officers, striking both of them before he was shot and killed.
Calin Devante Roquemore A state trooper tried to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation on Texas 149, but the driver fled in his vehicle. The driver then exited his still-running car in a Beckville residential neighborhood, where the car traveled a short distance and struck a tree. Roquemore then ran about 300 yards before he fell to the ground and then tried to get back up. The trooper told investigators he asked Roquemore to show his hands, and when Roquemore failed to comply, the trooper shot and killed him. No gun was found.
Dyzhawn L. Perkins Police were initially called because someone was attacking people inside a store. The suspect then went to a home and attacked the people within and when police arrived, he attacked them. He was shot and killed.
Sahlah Ridgeway A woman refused to drop a shotgun when police arrived. It has not yet been reported as to why they arrived at the scene in the first place.
Peter Fanfan Police were responding to a 911 call about a shooting when they were confronted by a man with a gun. He was shot and killed.
David Glen Watson Watson was wanted in connection with an aggravated robbery of a convenience store in Cressen. When police approached, they say, he pulled a gun, and they shot and killed him.
Mohamed Barry Barry apparently attacked several people in a restaurant with a machette. After leading police on a short chase, he crashed into a car, and when he got out, he was surrounded by police, who tried to shock him with a Tazer, then he was shot and killed. Terrorism is suspected.
Alijah Jackson Police responded to a call of a person cutting himself with a knife. He had the knife in his hand when they arrived and did not drop it. Police said he threatened them with it, and he was shot and killed.
Matthew Quinn Police went to reported disturbance and found a man with an ax. He walked toward them, and they shot and killed him.
Vincent Nageak III Early details are sketchy: An officer responded to a call for assistance on the 7400 block North Star Street in Barrow. While responding, a shooting occurred that resulted in the death of Vincent Nageak III, according to a press release from the North Slope Borough mayor’s office.
Anthony Bertoni Bertoni allegedly shot his neighbor and then barricaded himself inside his rural Henderson County home. There was a stand-off, and Bertoni apparently came out shooting. He was shot and killed.
David Evans Early details are sketchy: A deputy entered a restaurant and Evans shot him. Leaving the restaurant, he shot and killed another deputy before he was shot and killed.
Timothy Vessels Timothy Vessels was wanted in Jefferson County for possession of a firearm and forced burglary. He was on federal supervised release with pending violations. An investigation led the U.S. Marshals to Ladd Avenue around 11:45 where Vessels and a female associate, also wanted by the law, were believed to reside. Before arriving at the house, a Deputy Marshal noticed Vessels was a passenger in a car near the home. The two Deputy Marshals conducted a traffic stop. Vessels refused to comply with the traffic stop and, while seated in the car, pulled a gun out and pointed it at the Marshals. In response to the threat, the U.S. Deputy Marshals shot and killed Vessels.
John Birkeland According to the Star Tribune, police responding to noise complaints from neighbors made a forced entry and sent in a dog. When officers found Birkeland hiding in a closet, he stabbed the dog in the head with a kitchen knife, and police shot him dead.
Gustavo Najera Police were called about a suspicious person who was knocking on strangers' doors. Details have not been reported as to why Najera was shot and killed.
Scottie I.K. Yanagawa Yanagawa was wanted for his alleged involvement in a Jan. 31 shooting at Honolii that left a Kona man hospitalized and for furlough escape from Hale Nani Reintegration Center in Hilo on Nov. 19. Police say a traffic stop was made on a Toyota minivan known to be operated by Yanagawa, who was described Monday in a wanted bulletin as armed and dangerous. Officers commanded Yanagawa, who they say was in the passenger seat, and the female driver to get out of the van. Yanagawa, while getting out of the van, shot at officers with a handgun, police say. Four officers shot and killed Yanagawa.
Nathan Roman Police said Colonie Patrol Officer Israel Roman shot both his wife and younger son, lit his home on fire, and then shot himself.
Deborah Roman Police said Colonie Patrol Officer Israel Roman shot both his wife and younger son, lit his home on fire, and then shot himself.
Shalamar Longer An officer tried to stop an SUV driven Longer for a burned out license plate light. Instead of stopping, police said, the Blazer took off, leading police on a chase through Upland Borough, onto I-95, then into Chester via the Highland Avenue exit. It ended about 6-10 minutes later when Shalamar jumped out of the SUV, pulled out a loaded gun and pointed it at police. Six officers shot about 100 rounds, killing him.
David Joseph According to Austin police, officers responded after receiving multiple calls about a man acting aggressively toward neighbors. APD said when officers arrived, the man was naked, running through the neighborhood and continued acting aggressively. Details are sketchy, but at some point, a 10-and-a-half-year Austin Police shot and killed him.
Eric Harris Police said Harris was pointing a gun at people in a mall. He led them on a short chase, wrecking the car. When they approached the car, he attempted to back over them, and he was shot and killed.
Marese Vince Collins Officers were dispatched to the 700 block of Whitethorne when police said Collins fled in a dark-colored SUV. After police spotted and followed the vehicle, Collins then fled by foot through the neighborhood. Witnessess said officers gave numerous commands for the suspect to drop his gun before they opened shot and killed him.
Phillip Luchsinger Officers were sent to a domestic disturbance. Luchsinger came out with a gun and was shot and killed. 
Jose Mendez Details are sketchy, but officers were following a reported stolen vehicle in the area of Sixth and Lorena streets, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Mendez stopped the vehicle in the 3300 block of East Sixth Street and was shot and killed.
Michael Laniado Michael Laniado allegedly held his girlfriend at knifepoint, pulled a knife on officers and couldn't be subdued by non-lethal rounds before Ocean County police shot and killed him at the Pine Acres Manor mobile home park, police said.
Roland Rozay Zanie CHP says an officer first spotted a white Chevy sedan doing donuts near 5th and Bryant Street. That officer pursued them, causing the car to flee, blowing through red lights. According to the CHP, the pursuit ended but the driver didn't stop. The car slammed into a taxi and burst into flames, killing the fleeing vehicle's three occupants, Roland Zanie, Gene Mollique Jr., and David Hamilton III. According to Zanie's sister, the police bear some of the blame in this case.
"I just feel like they shouldn't have been pursuing them in the first place," she said, "with the city being so crowded at that moment."
Gene Mollique Jr. CHP says an officer first spotted a white Chevy sedan doing donuts near 5th and Bryant Street. That officer pursued them, causing the car to flee, blowing through red lights. According to the CHP, the pursuit ended but the driver didn't stop. The car slammed into a taxi and burst into flames, killing the fleeing vehicle's three occupants, Roland Zanie, Gene Mollique Jr., and David Hamilton III. According to Zanie's sister, the police bear some of the blame in this case.
"I just feel like they shouldn't have been pursuing them in the first place," she said, "with the city being so crowded at that moment."
Stephen C. Davis Police went to a disturbance at a home in Kenton. Davis left and police followed and participated in a stop-and-shoot gun battle that stretched more than five miles on city and country roads and ended with Davis wrecking. It's uncertain whether he was killed by gunfire or the wreck.
David Hamilton III CHP says an officer first spotted a white Chevy sedan doing donuts near 5th and Bryant Street. That officer pursued them, causing the car to flee, blowing through red lights. According to the CHP, the pursuit ended but the driver didn't stop. The car slammed into a taxi and burst into flames, killing the fleeing vehicle's three occupants, Roland Zanie, Gene Mollique Jr., and David Hamilton III. According to Zanie's sister, the police bear some of the blame in this case.
"I just feel like they shouldn't have been pursuing them in the first place," she said, "with the city being so crowded at that moment."
Ronald Barawis Jr. Barawis was a wanted fugitive. Police caught up with him at McDonald's. They ordered him to get out of his vehicle. Instead of obeying their commands, Barawis drove over barriers in the drive-thru, accelerated his vehicle and drove towards an officer, ramming into two police vehicles. He was shot and killed.
Blake Edward Fitzgerald This couple has been on a crime spree since Jan. 31, including car theft and armed robbery. A massive manhunt ended with Blake Fitzgerald dead and Brittany Harper wounded.
Vinson Ray Strickland Strickland tried to rob a bank before closing time. He got away with cash and fled into a wooded area nearby, police said. A witness said deputies, K-9 units, and troopers with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol set up a 2-mile perimeter in the area and began looking for Strickland. Campbell said that law enforcement officers spent close to two hours looking for Strickland. He praised the helicopters from local television stations for helping deputies keep an eye on the suspect. Deputies eventually found Strickland in a ditch in the woods about a mile away from the bank. Police said he shot at them, and they shot and killed him.
Phillip Ferry Sgt. Jason Goodding died after he and another officer attempted to take 55-year-old Phillip Ferry into custody 
Andrew Dean Howton Howton was wanted on a variety of charges. After a several-hour standoff, police sent a robot in and found him dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot.
Emily Thibodeaux Ivy Thibodeaux, a reserve officer with the Addis Police Department, shot and killed his wife, Emily Thibodeaux, according to a spokesman for the State Police. No arrests have been made in the shooting, Lee said.
Antronie Scott San Antonio police said undercover officers followed Antronie Scott, who was wanted on two felony warrants. The officers watching Scott called for a uniformed officer to approach the man, who was in a white Mercedes-Benz sedan in a parking lot. Scott quickly exited the vehicle and spun around toward the officer, who told him to put his hands up. That’s when the officer shot and killed him.
Hector Leroy Leroy had robbed a pedestrian and then shot the pedestrian. While officers were responding, on duty Border Patrol agents were in the area and saw a man run from the scene. He then attempted to carjack the driver of a vehicle at gunpoint. He apparently refused to surrender his gun and was shot and killed.
Harless Scott Scott was shot by an Independence police officer after a car chase turned into a foot chase. Independence police notified Kansas City police that they were pursuing a possible stolen car headed into Kansas City. Kansas City police deployed devices to flatten the car’s tires. The driver stopped and ran from the scene. As the Independence officer chased the driver, the man allegedly turned toward the officer with a gun. He was shot and killed.
Kayden Clarke transitioning from Danielle Jacobs Mesa police officers responded to a suicidal person call and allegedly found Clarke with a knife. He was shot and killed.
Thomas Hirko Hirko allegedly stabbed his wife multiple times. Police said Hirko confronted responding deputies with an airsoft pistol, which they believed was real. A deputy fired when Hirko raised the gun, according to officials.
Raymond Gassman A police officer entered the home at Fairground Housing 285 to arrest Raymond Gassman. According to, Gassman was sleeping in the living room. The officer woke him, and told him to put his hands behind his back. Gassman resisted arrest. A witness said that the police officer and Gassman were wrestling in the living room and kitchen. Gassman was able to get on top of the officer, and the officer pulled out his gun, yelling, “I’mma shoot you!” Gassman yelled, “No, don’t shoot!” The officer shot at point blank range and after shooting Gassman, shot his own wrist on his left arm. He yelled, “Call 911!” A second officer came into the home, handcuffed Mr. Gassman, and “left him on his stomach bleeding out, gasping for air. The paramedics arrived, rushed the officer to the ambulance and left the victim to bleed to death on our living room floor.”
Christian Oliver Dubrino Deputies were called to the Marathon gas station on SE 58th Avenue about a man with multiple handguns in the parking lot. When deputies arrived, they went to talk to Dubrino, who was getting in and out of a vehicle with two handguns, according to a news release. Deputies said the man raised one of the handguns to his head, but while deputies were trying to talk him down, he began firing a second gun at the deputies. The deputies shot and killed him.
John Henry Neuman The Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office said Neuman would not get out of his vehicle after it crashed near a Deep Fork Wildlife pond. When Neuman got out of the car he was armed and began shooting at people. A deputy fired back and hit Neuman who then fell into the pond. Emergency crews attempted to pull Neuman from the water but he began shooting again, prompting the deputy to shot him again. Emergency crews were then able to extract Neuman from the water and attempted to revive him, but he died at the scene.
Edgar Rene Alvarado A man suspected of shooting another man was shot dead by law enforcement officers after he carjacked three people and led officers on a chase through the city.
Justin Prescott Witnesses said Prescott shoplifted at Walmart, and when he threatened security guards with a knife, they waited for police. Police tried to subdue him with a Taser, but eventually shot and killed him.
Joe Molinaro Molinaro and his girlfriend, Leticia Moncrief, were apparently walking on the street, talking loudly, when an off-duty, part-time Carbondale police officer, Patrolman Francis Schulze, approached them. Details are sketchy, but Moncrief said he didn't identify himself until after Molinaro was shot and killed.
Peter John Police responded to a report of a suspicious. An officer attempted to stop John, who police say led the officer on a brief foot pursuit and then a struggle. During the struggle, John did not comply with the officer's commands and produced a BB gun, according to police. He was shot and killed.
Bruce Kelley Jr. Bruce Kelley Jr. and his father, Bruce Kelley Sr., got into a fight. They escaped officers, but Port Authority Police caught up with them near the Hamnett Place bus stop. Police say Bruce Kelley Jr. refused orders and when using a stun gun didn’t work, they released a police dog to capture Kelley. He stabbed the dog and the dog went down. Then officers shot and killed the man. The dog also died.
Charles M. Smith Police said they shot and killed a man who fired at officers responding to several calls of a man with a gun and a home invasion
Jeffry Graves A woman called 911 to report that a 52-year-old man was threatening suicide. Officers responded and removed the woman from the home and then spent 40 minutes negotiating with the man, who was holding a handgun to his head inside the home, according to police. When the man eventually came out of the house, he continued talking with a crisis negotiator while pointing the gun at his head, chest and mouth. When the man pointed the gun at officers and nearby people, he was shot and killed.
Juan A. Ruiz A deputy responded to a 911 call regarding two people fighting in a parking lot. When the deputy spotted one man wielding a knife, the deputy ordered the man to put it down. Instead, the man came toward the deputy, prompting the deputy to shoot the man, a sheriff's spokesperson said.
Joshua Bispo Details are sketchy but, California Highway Patrol said there was a short pursuit, during which a man brandished a weapon. He was then shot and killed.
Philip B. Salazar Salazar was shot and killed having taken a woman hostage in a mobile home park. Police claim he was weilding a pair of scissors when shot by police.
Jeremy Sinclair Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers had joined a pursuit involving a stolen vehicle. Sinclair drove his vehicle down a boat ramp in Sugar Creek before getting out of the vehicle. Police said Sinclair placed his hands into his sweatshirt and ignored commands to show his hands. A bean bag round was fired at Sinclair, initially stunning him, before he started shooting. Lowe says troopers and a Jackson County Sheriff’s deputy returned fire, killing Sinclair.
Michael Brown Michael Brown attacked two police officers and several homeowners in a residential neighborhood Saturday night and was reportedly running up and down the street “making growling sounds” before he was fatally shot by police, Saginaw police said.
Randolph McClain Four Lynn police officers went to execute five outstanding arrest warrants for restraining order violations and threats on McClain. Police called out to McClain and he answered that he had a gun and would kill them, police said. McClain fled the building onto a porch roof, pointed the gun at an officer and ran to the back of the house. He jumped to the ground, fled on foot, and attempted to steal a car at gunpoint. Officers approached the vehicle, McClain pointed his gun at officers and three officers shot and killed him.
Christopher Michael Dew Irving police say Dew held a woman hostage in the parking lot of a Cash Store he was suspected of robbing. Officers had responded to an alarm call from the store in the 4100 block of West Highway 183 around 1 p.m. Two officers fired shots, hitting and killing the suspect.
Jose Miguel Alegre Police were responding to a domestic disturbance including shots fired. After unsuccessful negotiations, police fired tear gas into the house, at which point, Alegre shot at police, and they shot and killed him.
Angela Hiatt The sheriff said the deputy was on routine patrol when he encountered two occupants in a pickup with a license plate registered to another vehicle. The deputy learned an outstanding warrant was issued for the woman.The deputy attempted to take the woman into custody when the pickup sped down Lee Road 443, also known as Stafford Road. After a short chase and the vehicle stopped, the deputy again tried to take the woman into custody. Police said she tried to run the deputy down, and he shot and killed her.
Christopher Kalonji One of Kalonji's relatives called police claiming the 19-year-old was threatening family members with a rifle. Police negotiators and staff with the county's behavioral health unit responded. Police spoke to Kalonji for two and a half hours, until SWAT members arrived, the sheriff's office said. At some point, deputies spotted Kalonji waving a rifle. One deputy fired a handgun, another shot a rifle and one more fired at least one beanbag round. After the officers fired, Kalonji retreated into his second-floor apartment and locked himself inside one of the rooms. Kraus said the deputies heard at least one shot come from inside the unit. It's uncertain who shot and/or killed Kalonji.
Jacqueline D. Salyers Police were searching for Kenneth Wright Jr., who was wanted on two outstanding warrants for first-degree robbery, unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful delivery of a controlled substance. Two police spotted Wright in the passenger seat of a vehicle, got out of their patrol car and started to walk toward the car. Salyers, who was behind the wheel, drove straight at the officers, police said. She was shot and killed, Wright ran away.
William A. Adams Police were investigating a stolen car report. A 911 caller reported the car at the address and police saw two men leave the car and enter the building. When the went to the door several people left. Adams stayed inside, threatening suicide. He pointed the gun at police and was shot and killed.
Thongsavanh Vandarack Two Loudon County Sheriff's Office investigators went to the home to serve a warrant for aggravated statutory rape of a 13-year-old. The man's girlfriend invited officers into the home, the 40-year-old male suspect was instructed to take his hands out of his pocket. When he did, police said the suspect pulled out a gun. The officers shot and killed him.
Johnathan Bratcher A MPD cruiser attempted to make a routine traffic stop when the gold Chevrolet Impala took off. Police initially chased the vehicle, but pulled back when the suspects began driving recklessly. The Impala crashed in front of Saint Andrews AME Church on South Parkway. The suspects then left their vehicles and ran from the officers, resulting in a chase on foot. That is when the two suspects opened fire. The two MPD officers both fired shots at the suspects, killing one.
Janet Wilson Dearborn police were called to Fairlane Mall because the woman was causing "a disturbance." Upon arrival, security guards told the officers she nearly hit two security guards with her vehicle, one on foot and another in a security vehicle. Police tried to stop the woman but she fled the mall parking lot and became stuck in traffic, according to Shaw. When Traffic cleared, two police vehicles closed in and tried to stop her, but she attempted to flee again, "almost striking one of the officers." She was shot and killed.
Israel Vladimir Rodriguez State Trooper Jacob Fields tried to pull Rodriguez, but he refused to stop. Several other troopers joined the chase over the next 10 miles. As they neared Delk Road, the troopers tried to box Rodriguez in. He crashed into another car and disabled his own truck, police said. When Rodriguez jumped out, the shootout began. Fields was injured, Rodriguez was killed.
Herman Flores State police said Santa Fe police officers caught up with an armed robbery suspect at the motel. A witness said when the officer told the person to put his hands above his head the person refused and fired first. The witness said police fired back, chased him around the corner and fired three more times.
Nathan Lee Bailey According to Johnson County Sheriff's Office Lt. Tim Jones, a business on the east side of Johnson County reported the theft of a firearm. At the same time, a Johnson County deputy saw a vehicle leaving the area of the theft traveling at an estimated 100 mph. The deputy pursued the suspect — later identified as 30-year-old Nathan Lee Bailey — to Vista Ridge Lane. Bailey ran into a home, where deputies and DPS troopers took up positions surrounding the mobile home. After a period of time, Jones said Bailey popped out of the residence and opened fire at Johnson County Sheriff's Office personnel, then did so again a few moments later. The second time, officers outside shot and killed Bailey.
Scott F. Scanlon Mountain Pine Police Chief Chad King reportedly responded to a trespassing call. When King got to the scene, he found a man inside a van that was stuck in mud. Few details have been released at this time, but Scanlon ended up dead, and King was injured.
John Wesley Smith Deputies were called about a home break-in. When they arrived they discovered a family dispute. One of the family members involved in the dispute was brandishing a knife, according police. Deputies attempted to control the person holding the knife and used pepper spray, which was ineffective. Confrontation with the suspect continued and a deputy shot and killed Smith.
Robert "LaVoy" Finicum Finicum was a member of the white supremicist/anti-federalist group that occupied Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. He got out of the vehicle and reached for a gun when the vehicle he was in was pulled over. He was shot and killed.
Alphonzo Lamonte Porter Jr. Porter Jr. was a passenger in a car that collided with a van during a high-speed chase with a sheriff's deputy. The driver of the car, 22-year-old Ulises Damien Rangel,  was arrested and is facing charges of operating a motor vehicle while his license was suspended, revoked or denied causing death and carrying a concealed weapon, according to the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department.
Maria Isabel Garcia Off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent Juan Hernandez, 44, was sitting in his vehicle on Camelia Street with his unnamed girlfriend when the woman's ex-boyfriend, identified as  21-year-old Jesse Garcia drove up, police said. Garcia approached the driver's side of the agen's car and allegedly pointed a pistol at Hernandez. The two men reportedly struggled with the gun and Hernandez was shot in the leg. Garcia fled and was discovered a short time later at his family home. When deputies and police approached Garcia opened fire. He said officers returned fire. Garcia was struck in the leg, arm and torso. During the gunbattle Garcia's mother, 57-year-old Maria Isabel Garcia, came out of her house and was shot in the back and killed.
Sergio Alvarado-Morales Reno police were called to a multiple-vehicle chain reaction. Witnesses told officers about a man who had been involved in the crash who was holding a knife to his throat, and another person reportedly trying to disarm him. Police say officers found 38-year-old Sergio Alvarado-Morales with the knife and talked to him, trying to get him to put it down. They then used a Taser to subdue him, and when that didn't work, he and officers fought, and he was shot and killed. Peculiarly, a witness claimed he pulled a gun.
Quantarius Miller Quantarius Miller was driving when a Cocoa Police officer attempted to pull him over for "driving erratically." The officer chased Miller, causing him to crash into a car and then into a concrete wall, killing himself and his passenger, Michelle Jenkins.
Michelle Jenkins Quantarius Miller was driving when a Cocoa Police officer attempted to pull him over for "driving erratically." The officer chased Miller, causing him to crash into a car and then into a concrete wall, killing himself and his passenger, Michelle Jenkins.
Michael Lamar Robinson Officers with the Chilton County Sheriff's Office and the Clanton Police Department were called to a home on a report of a domestic disturbance. When officers arrived, 43-year-old Michael Lamar Robinson was brandishing either a sword or a machete, Houston said. As officers told him to drop that weapon, he pulled a pistol from his right side. Police said Robinson raised the gun three-quarters of the way to full point when the officers shot and killed him.
Joshua Franklin Lee An off-duty Richmond County sheriff’s deputy fatally shot a man following a domestic dispute with him Friday afternoon, police said. Police said that Crispin was picking up his two children from the house when he became involved in an argument that became physical with Joshua Franklin Lee. Witnesses told investigators that Lee brandished a pistol and pointed it at Crispin, prompting Crispin to draw his own weapon and shoot and kill Lee.
Sharon Rae Mitterling Sharon Mitterling of Warsaw was crossing Husky Trail to get the mail when she was struck by a marked police car.
Bryan Nelson Chicago police chased Bryan Nelson in the South Side late Friday, ending when he crashed his SUV into a viaduct support beam. Police pulled the vehicle over after the driver made an illegal turn, police said. When they asked for his license, he sped off from the traffic stop. Officers gave chase and then the SUV slam into the viaduct near 68th Street and Anthony Avenue. Nelson was ejected from the SUV and pronounced dead at the scene.
Cedric Lamont Norris Bank robbery suspects fled on Highway 69 but police caught up to them. One got out of the vehicle and shot at an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper, police said. The trooper shot and killed Norris.
Timothy R. Albert Timothy Albert, 40, of Port Barre, was shot by St. Landry Parish sheriff's deputies after he engaged police in a nearly four-hour standoff, holding his girlfriend, Mindy Babineaux, hostage with a high-powered rifle.
Randy Joe Sanders Jr. Madison County Sheriff's deputies received a call about a man walking along the Highway 231/431 parkway with a gun in his waistband. Deputies say when they attempted to stop him, the man took off running. Deputies chased after him and cornered the man in the Inspiration Pointe subdivision in Meridianville. Deputies say the man pulled his gun, and one of the deputies shot and killed him.
Michael Clyde Lynch Kerrville Police Department and Lone Star Fugitive Task Force were looking for Michael Lynch, who was believed to be in the Kerrville area. Lynch was located in Kerrville but fled from police. Lynch led police on a vehicle pursuit which ended in Gillespie County near Harper. Once in Gillespie County, Lynch got out of his vehicle and led police on a two-to-three mile foot pursuit through heavy brush and at one point swimming across a creek. With the assistance of a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) helicopter, police were able to locate Lynch. During the course of the pursuit, a Kerrville Police Officer shot and killed Lynch.
Filberto Valencia Officers responded to calls of a home intruder. Police said a man said someone was trying to kill him and ran off after failing to get into the house. The man then broke into a group home and was harming a girl inside. Upon arrival, police forced entry into the residence and found the suspect barricaded in the bathroom with four females. He had his arms wrapped around a 10-year-old girl's neck. The man fought with Stockton police officers who used tasers and batons. The man died on scene.
Samuel Edward Grady Deputies John Fletcher and Reggie Allen went to serve a civil Writ of Possession for the house in which 55-year-old Samuel Edward Grady was living. Media reported, Grady, who was carrying a large knife, came at the deputies and refused to obey their commands. At that point the deputies shot and killed Grady.
Jim Bravis Redmond According to Capt. Stryde Jones of the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office, the officer involved shooting came after the Hahira Police Department reported an armed robbery at Harvey's grocery store in Hahira and authorities began searching for the suspect. There were no injuries at the time of the armed robbery. The search led to an encounter with an armed suspect at the Pilot station, where Redmond was shot and killed and his female accomplice was arrested.
Gary Wayne Jones Officers responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle behind a hotel along Pinson Road in Forney. When officers tried to pull the vehicle over, the driver — 36-year-old Gary Wayne Jones — took off and led police on a chase into Dallas. Police said the suspect got out of the vehicle and began shooting at officers. He was shot and killed.
Jordan Szymanski After responding to a welfare check, police discovered a man had barricaded himself inside a duplex. The man started making threats about harming his family and police. He fired shots throughout the night. Police said the man was shot dead by SWAT team members.
Levi Gene Wilson Phoenix police were called to a home to assist a man who was threatening to harm himself, police said. The man got into an argument with his sister earlier in the day and that shots had reportedly been fired. The sister left the home and then called 911. Officers came to the home, but the man would not come out. They negotiated for hours until he came out with the gun at his head, then pointed it toward police, at which point he was shot and killed.
Timothy Joseph Alex Caruthers An off-duty Medford police officer and others apparently chased a man after a shoplifting incident at Sportsman's Warehouse, where he menaced employees with a knife, police said. The alleged shoplifter then stopped next to a Dumpster and was about 6 feet away from the officer when he was shot and killed.
Vasilios Alexander Katsouras An older woman called 911 reporting that an unknown person was in her backyard pounding on a sliding glass door, police said. When two officers responded to the home they found the man in the backyard "armed with a claw-style garden tool that had three steel spikes." The officers ordered the man to drop the weapon, but he did not comply and instead charged the officers with the weapon. He was shot and killed.
Eric Provost Eric Provost's father called Orlando police on Monday night, concerned for his son's well-being. But when officers responded, Provost walked out of one of the units armed with an airsoft gun that appeared to be a real firearm. Provost kept ignoring their orders to drop the gun, and Officers Tino Cruz and Sonja Saunders shot and killed him.
Crayton West Police responded to the scene after a citizen flagged down an officer driving by, saying there was an armed robbery in progress at a KFC. The officer saw the suspect inside the fast food restaurant and confronted him. The suspect raised his gun and the officer shot and killed him.
Efrain Herrera Jr. Officers responded about 5:50 p.m. on a report of a suspect, armed with a knife, in the middle of the street, according to Lt. Kirk Kelley of the Los Angeles Police Department’s West Valley Station, whose officers responded to the call even though it was in the Mission Station’s patrol area. They were confronted by the suspect and he was shot and killed.
Joshua Tate Fielding Police were called to the Dogwood Trace Apartments on a disturbance call. Police confronted the man, who was carrying a weapon, in the parking lot of the complex, and used a Taser in an attempt to subdue him. The armed man then ran from officers, and after a short foot chase around the complex, an altercation with a police officer ended with the man being shot and killed.
Ashton Lane Morris According to police, the officer arrived at the Selina Inn Motel after someone called to report a vehicle theft in progress, according to police. The officer chased the suspect on foot after he tried to leave the scene. Police said the suspect fired multiple shots at the officer during the foot chase, but did not hit the officer. The officer shot and killed him.
Cory Lee "Jasper" Henderson Henderson and a woman were seen leaving the scene of an accident. When Officer Officer Doug Barney approached them, Henderson shot and killed him. He was killed a short time later, after wounding another officer.
Talmadge King King had helped move a washing machine into the upstairs of off-duty federal agent Wells’ Springfield home earlier in the day. Wells paid King after the washer was moved in the afternoon but the man returned and said he lost his phone there. Wells looked but did not find the phone, then returned to the front door where King pulled a knife and attempted to rob Wells. Wells grabbed his gun and shot and killed King.
Daniel Leetin Shaver Two guests who were in the motel pool area reported seeing a male subject pointing a rifle out the window of a room several floors above the pool, police said. Officers located the the room and began giving commands for the people to come out. A man and a woman came out. The woman was arrested without a struggle. Officers then began giving commands to the man, but he didn't comply. He kept reaching behind him, and he was shot and killed. The gun was apparently a pellet gun he used in his job of pest control.
Henry Bennett A deputy pulled Henry Bennett over in Belle Glade on Saturday, authorities say Bennett got out of the vehicle and ran away. The deputy chased Bennett and, at one point, authorities said Bennett turned and pointed a gun at the deputy. That’s when the deputy fired at Bennett, hitting him twice, killing him.
Alfred Longoria Officers were dispatched about 2:15 p.m. Saturday to a home in the 1800 block of Courtney Terrace on a report of burglary, said Los Angeles police officer Rosario Herrera of the Media Relations Section. That street is in Nichols Canyon, a street just east of Laurel Canyon, and the shooting was about two blocks north of Hollywood Boulevard. “The resident confronted the suspect and the suspect fled,” Herrera said. A perimeter was set up and around 3:30 p.m. Saturday the suspect emerged from the perimeter with a pellet gun. The suspect encountered two officers, she said, and an officer-involved shooting occurred.
Clarence Layfield Jr. Layfield was allegedly driving without a license plate, and fled when a trooper tried to pull him over. Eventually, he drove at the trooper and was shot and killed.
Kelsey Rose Hauser A woman riding in a stolen car with three men was shot and killed by a police officer in El Cajon following a high-speed pursuit early Saturday, officials confirmed. Apparently, the chase ended on a dead end road, and when the officer attempted to approach the car, it drove toward him, so he fired into the car, killing the woman in the passenger seat and a dog.
Adam Karjalainen Residents called Beaverton police to say Karjalainen was in the neighborhood and wanted him gone. Although he didn't commit any crimes there, and police had already left, they returned after learning there was a warrant for Karjalainen's arrest. Karjalainen allegedly had a replica gun when police returned, police said. They told him to drop the replica gun repeatedly, but he kept moving toward the officers, and he was shot and killed.
Rakeem Bentley FBI’s Southeast Michigan Crimes Against Children Task Force conducted a raid at the Southfield Marriott hotel and confronted a man allegedly involved in human trafficking. During the confrontation, the suspect shot at the officer who was wearing a bulletproof vest and was killed when the officers returned fire.
William Keith Waldron Troopers assisted local officers serving a search warrant at a residence in Elkins. Police said in a statement that the troopers entered the residence and encountered a man later identified as William Keith Waldron. They said he pointed the shotgun at the troopers, who responded by firing their weapons at him.
Miguel Hernandez A man shot and killed by a sheriff’s deputy in Canyon Country was a known gang member in a vehicle believed used during a drive-by shooting earlier this week in Newhall, a Sheriff’s Department homicide detective said.
Willie C. Holderfield Illinois State Police says the trooper was trying to serve an arrest warrant regarding a Carterville pharmacy robbery that happened a couple of weeks ago. The trooper shot the suspect, who died a short time later.
William Michael "Brent" Watkins Police said the driver of the red SUV was spotted by a South Precinct police officer driving erratically. The SUV was traveling at a high rate of speed, witnesses said, and had almost run several cars off of the road. Police said he had also run multiple red lights. A South Precinct officer was pursuing the SUV, attempting to stop it, when the crash happened.
Brandon David Bearden Bearden, 29, was shot Wednesday during an altercation in the parking lot of the Texas Road House. Police said Bearden was shot while deputies were trying to arrest him. Bearden’s vehicle crashed into the deputy’s vehicle and he tried to run, according to TBI. Officials say preliminary information indicates Bearden pulled out a gun in the deputy’s direction, and the deputy shot and killed him.
Timothy Meehan Police say an officer in Cle Elum fatally shot a man who pointed a gun him at a motel. Cle Elum police say two officers responded to a check welfare call at a motel Wednesday night. Police say when they knocked on the motel room door, a man answered while pointing a handgun at one of them. The officer reportedly gave multiple commands to drop the weapon but shot the man when the commands were ignored.
Herman Bean Anchorage Police Chief Chris Tolley said two officers responded to a report of a fight at an apartment. The man was apparently armed with a knife and threatened officers when he was shot and killed.
Name withheld by police A man was shot to death by San Fernando police following a short chase that ended in a crash. According to San Fernando police, the pursuit lasted for about a block before the suspect crashed into another car. That's when the pursuing officer opened fire, and the suspect was killed. It has not been disclosed why the suspect was being chased.
Ramone Lonergan Police officers patrolling the parking lot of a Ramada Inn spotted a Toyota RAV4 that they said had been reported stolen. They called for backup, and two other officers saw a man, later identified as Lonergan, emerging from the RAV4. Lonergan allegedly tried to flee and was armed with a handgun. It's unknown at this time whether he pointed it at them, but they shot and killed him. His girlfriend, who owned the vehicle, said the car had not been reported stolen.
Keith Richardson Police were called for a person with a weapon. When they arrived, they were told that a woman and her husband, Keith Richardson, were involved in a domestic disturbance and that Richardson was armed with a gun. According to Officer Daniel Hudson with Norfolk Police, the wife was able to escape and Richardson barricaded himself in the home alone. Negotiators were called to the scene and after several hours of unsuccessful negotiations with Richardson, armed with a gun, exited his home. Richardson opened fire and shot and killed a police dog. After killing the dog, a member of the Special Operations Team shot Richardson. A second dog was released and partially restrained Richardson until Special Operation Team members were able to take him into custody. He died the next day.
Ciara Meyer A 12-year-old Pennsylvania girl was home sick from school when she was accidentally shot and killed by a constable serving her father with an eviction notice, police said. The girl's father, 57-year-old Donald Meyer, pointed a loaded rifle at Constable Clark Steele and Steele fired a single shot in return, the bullet traveling through Meyer's arm and striking and killing Ciara Meyer, who was standing behind him, police said.
Robert Tenbrink Police got two 911 calls about an armed robber. The suspect tried to hold up the Walgreens on Glenway but the clerk told him there was no money in the register. An employee at the Deal$ across Glenway says she was robbed of $400. Both clerks gave a similar description of the robber, including that he was wearing pajama pants. Officers caught up with the suspect, identified as Robert Tenbrink, 45. They ordered him to keep his hands up. Dash cam video shows him turning slightly toward the officers, reaching down into his jacket and reach. Police say Tenbrink pointed a BB gun at police. They fired, killing Tenbrink.
Christine A. Lucas Police received a 911 call from a woman who repeatedly said that an intruder was inside her home. At some point, the call was disconnected and attempts to call her back were unanswered. Troopers, Cecil County Sheriff's Office deputies and an officer from the Rising Sun Police Department responded to the two-story home. Screams were then heard from within the home and troopers forced their way into the attached garage and eventually inside the home. Police found Lucas in the living room and gave her verbal commands that she did not heed. She picked up an airsoft gun, telling troopers that she did not believe they were "real police," officials said. Sheallegedly ignored their commands and then raised the airsoft gun, pointing it toward the troopers. "Out of fear for their lives," troopers Justin Rann and Timothy Graham shot and killed her.
David Jay Kent Police received reports of a minivan that struck a utility pole around 9:30 p.m. Saturday, police said. Officers arrived on the scene and spotted Kent in the minivan, but when they tried to stop him, he reportedly attempted to strike their patrol car. Kent then drove off and stopped his car and reportedly threatened law enforcement with a chainsaw. A Taser was used to subdue the suspect, but when that didn’t work Cowlitz County Sheriff's deputies Brent Harris and Alexis Tonissen and Kelso Police Officer Darrel Stair shot and killed him.
Andrew Earl Abernathy According to officials, deputies were called to the home for a domestic call. When deputies arrived, officials say they found a man and woman drunk inside the home. Deputies began interviewing the woman and that's when investigators say the man, the woman's boyfriend, stepped out onto the porch with a .22 caliber rifle and pointed it at responding deputies. They shot and killed him.
Eric C. Olsen Two town of Geneva police officers fired their weapons at Eric C. Olsen, 26, when they say he charged at them with a with a long knife, according to a news release issued by the Town of Geneva Police Department.
Alan Huberth Franco-Armenta According to New Mexico State Police, deputies initially encountered the man earlier that evening during a domestic violence call in Capitan. Deputies said the man fled when they arrived, resulting in a pursuit. Deputies were able to disable the man's vehicle with a tire deflation device on U.S. 380 near milepost 53. They said the suspect refused to get out of his vehicle and began pointing a gun at his head, telling officers he wanted to kill himself. AState police said the man fired shots from his vehicle at officers, who shot and killed him.
Kenneth P. "Kenny" Clay Deputies were dispatched to the burglary in progress. Daviess County Sheriff Keith Cain says deputies were told by the 911 caller who discovered the intruder that the intruder was brandishing a firearm as they left. Deputies started searching a wooded area near the house. Law enforcement found someone who met the description of the intruder. Officers confronted him and told him several times to surrender and the person knelt down to comply with the orders. An officer went to go for his Taser, but before he could get to it, the person raised a handgun in the direction of the officers, and he was shot and killed.
Charles J. Hollstein Officers were called to the area of 22nd Street and Bethesda Boulevard near Lakeview Elementary School in Zion around 8:30 a.m. The 911 caller said he was taking photos of Lakeview and Zion-Benton High Schools new tech campus. The suspicious man, who police said appeared to be wearing body armor, was located by officers, and a foot pursuit ensued. The man and officers fought, and the man was shot. It was reported that the man was shot in the back and that a Taser was used but it was ineffective. He reportedly had a BB gun on him.
Carlton Antonio Murphy Police said someone called 911 around 5 a.m. saying shots had been fired. When officers arrived, a person began shooting at them from a second-floor balcony, police Chief Kerr Putney said at the scene. Police later said Murphy fired more than 30 shots at responding officers. Officer Jacob Meadors returned fire, police said, and the man retreated into the apartment. A SWAT team and negotiators were sent to the scene, CMPD said. They went inside the second-floor apartment and found the suspect dead, Putney said.
Albert Thompson Officers were patroling in the area of a small apartment complex because of past drug activity. Thompson ran, but it's uncertain what caused officers to shoot and kill him other than him "exhibiting a hand torch."
Joel Anthony Nelson A Thurston County sheriff’s deputy fatally shot a man near Tumwater after he attacked the deputy and tried to steal his patrol car, and rammed other vehicles, the Sheriff’s Office said.
Stephen John Bukwich Redding police officers responded to multiple calls that said 6-8 gunshots had been fired at an apartment complex. Officers arrived and found Stephen John Bukwich, 52, inside apartment #A. Officers spoke with Bukwich via a patrol car PA system. Police said Bukwich would open the door to the apartment briefly and yell at officers. Police said that witnesses told them he was upset about recent legislation regarding gun laws passed by President Barack Obama. Officials said Bukwich was not cooperative when asked to come out of his apartment with his hands up. Less lethal methods were attempted, but eventually nine officers fired at Bukwich with handguns and rifles, striking him multiple times and killing him.
David Zollo David Zollo, called 911 threatening to harm himself. Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood says his officers had a number of dealings with Zollo over the years, mostly to address mental health concerns. Officers found Zollo in the parking lot of the Bishop Hollow Apartments with a knife. When a Taser failed to subdue him and he continued to threaten them, officers fired a dozen shots, killing him.
James K. Maher Maher confronted the deputy marshals and brandished a knife as they attempted to serve a warrant for his arrest at a home in the Mary Street vicinity. The situation escalated and resulted in the two marshals firing their weapons, striking Maher, who died at the scene.
Robert Miller Miller was killed after he was hit by a car driven by an off-duty police officer. The accident occurred about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday in the 3200 block of the northbound side of I-45 in Dickinson, Dickinson Police Department Public Information Officer Tim Cromie said.
Rodney Turner Police were called to the Crestpark Apartments, where a victim said that multiple people broke into the home, showed a gun and demanded money. Rodney Turner, 22, was walking in the complex and matched a suspect description. Police said Turner grabbed the officer's rifle and attempted to disarm him. Police said the officer drew his sidearm and shot at Turner during the scuffle. Turner fled, but his weapon was found at the scene. Police were called to an apartment in reference to a shooting victim a short time later. According to police, Turner was found in the apartment.Turner again attempted to disarm an officer and was shot at again. He ran away, but police received a second call stating that a shot individual was inside another apartment at a different location approximately two blocks away. It's unclear from articles when Turner died.
Eric John Senegal Louisiana State Police Troop D spokesman Sgt. James Anderson said. A dog at the residence on Gene Stanley Road was also shot and killed. Deputies were serving a narcotics search warrant when the shooting happened, Anderson said. The house is under investigation for illegal drug activity. This description depends entirely on the police narrative.
Arnulfo Gallegos Glendale police said Arnulfo Gallegos, 50, fled after being involved in a minor collision with another vehicle. The other driver followed the car. Police officers saw the two vehicles run a red light and followed them. The officers soon found a plume of dust where the car hit the cinder block fence. Gallegos died a short time later.
Germonta Wallace Police said they were searching for Wallace, who was wanted for the Dec. 30, 2015, murder of Norris Martin. When officers arrived Wallace and Marquez Breon Springs-Owens, 29, came outside. Police said Wallace started firing at the officers, hitting Officer Jessica Zinobile in the ankle. Multiple detectives shot and killed Wallace.
Lance Light Light allegedly shot and killed Lonnie Odell Sturdivant, 59, on January 2nd. Police have not revealed any additional details on the murder. Light was shot by a Sweetwater Police Officer during a pursuit that began at the crime scene and ended near the intersection of I-20 and TX-70
Sean O'Brien Livingston police responded to a report of a man threatening Shopko Hometown employees that "someone was going to die" if the police were not called to the store, police said. Officers found O'Brien outside of the store and threatened them with a knife. Police tried to subdue O'Brien using a Taser, but the attempt was ineffective. O'Brien ran at the officer with a knife, and he was shot and killed.
Lonnie Haskell Powers Jr. Powers was wanted on a federal warrant for a murder in South Carolina. He pulled out a gun during an arrest in a parking lot, according to police.
Joshua Adam Sisson Police were called on a domestic violence complaint. They caught up with the suspect a short time later, ordering him to drop the knife he was carrying. He was shot and killed.
Keith Childress The U.S. Marshals were conducting surveillance on the man and requested help from Metro when he fled. When police caught up with him, they claimed he had an "unknown object" in his hand. Assuming it was a gun, they shot him dead. The object turned out to be a cellphone.
John Randell Veach Police shot someone while trying to take him into custody based on an arrest warrant. They originally arrived at the scene because of a call about a man selling drugs.
Fred Perez Perez was allegedly stabbing a woman repeatedly when police arrived in response to 911 calls about the incident, according to authorities. Officers fatally shot Perez when he continued to stab the woman after police fired a beanbag round at him, officials said. Police said the woman is being treated for her injuries at the hospital and is in stable condition.
Paul Testa Paul Testa, 44, was arrested Dec. 21 after a trespassing incident. While being booked in jail, police say Testa became violent and a corrections officer used a Taser gun on him. Then, following his first appearance in court, Testa again became combative and a Taser gun was used again, then he was placed in a restraint chair, where he became unresponsive.
Tien Hua Hua, a suspect in a recent murder, was killed by Swat officers after an hours-long standoff at his home, according to authorities. Hua pointed an unknown object at officers during the standoff, police said.
Siolosega Velega-Nuufolau Velega-Nuufolau was reportedly standing in a neighbor's driveway yelling for someone to call 911, according to authorities. Deputies arrived after the neighbor called police, and a responding deputy shot Velega-Nuufolau when she allegedly charged at him with a knife, police said. Velega-Nuufolau was a military veteran, according to officials.
Corey Achstein Police received multiple reports that Achstein was chasing and threatening people while brandishing a gun, according to authorities. A responding officer shot Achstein during an altercation, police said. Officials later said that he was carrying a BB gun.
Michael Parker Parker drove away from a traffic stop and led deputies on a vehicle pursuit, authorities said. The chase ended when Parker crashed. Officers were then forced to open fire, police said.
Sean Mould A woman called 911 asking for help getting Mould, her boyfriend, to leave their home, authorities said. Police shot Mould when he refused to drop a knife as he walked toward officers, according to officials.
Lonnie Niesen Niesen was fatally shot outside a police station when he threw a rock or brick at an officer, according to authorities. He had allegedly thrown rocks at a patrol car and station window moments earlier.
Gilberto Heredia Police say Heredia pulled a handgun and fired when officers arrived at his home to assist a child custody exchange.
Bettie Jones Officers responded to the call at an apartment complex early Saturday, after the father of 19-year-old Quintonio Legrier called police to say his son was acting erratic and carrying a metal baseball bat.  "He was having a mental situation," Legrier's mother, Janet Cooksey, told ABC 7. "Sometimes he will get loud, but not violent." The officer, who has not yet been identified, fatally shot Legrier seven times, the teen's family said. “We’re thinking the police are going to service us, take him to the hospital," Cooksey told the Chicago Tribune. "They took his life.” A second victim, who has been identified only as a 56-year-old woman, was a downstairs tenant and bystander. The woman's daughter, Latisha Jones, told the Tribune she found her mother dead with a gunshot wound to her neck.
Quintonio Legrier Officers responded to the call at an apartment complex early Saturday, after the father of 19-year-old Quintonio Legrier called police to say his son was acting erratic and carrying a metal baseball bat.  "He was having a mental situation," Legrier's mother, Janet Cooksey, told ABC 7. "Sometimes he will get loud, but not violent." The officer, who has not yet been identified, fatally shot Legrier seven times, the teen's family said. “We’re thinking the police are going to service us, take him to the hospital," Cooksey told the Chicago Tribune. "They took his life.” A second victim, who has been identified only as a 56-year-old woman, was a downstairs tenant and bystander. The woman's daughter, Latisha Jones, told the Tribune she found her mother dead with a gunshot wound to her neck.
Terrozza Tyree Griffin Chief Yankowski reports that shortly after 7:30 PM on Dec. 24th Lansing Police officers responded to a report of a home invasion in progress in the 5900 block of Selfridge on Lansing's southwest side. A man was seen entering the window of a home. When they went into the house, shots were fired at the officers, forcing them to retreat back outside. A short time later, they encountered the accused male suspect and he challenged them with a gun. Police officers shot the man, then secured him and removed him and themselves from the fire.
William David Raff The man was shot dead after charging at officers with a knife, according to authorities. Officers were responding to a report that a man armed with a knife was threatening to harm people inside a home. Officials said it appeared, however, that the call had been a ruse to lure officers into shooting the man.
Daquan Antonio Westbrook Shooting took place in the Northlake Mall. "Five guys started fighting, two of them ran out of the store when the third guy came out of the store he pulled out a gun," Elliott said. "Officer stepped up, said put your gun down, he turned around and opened fire." police said.
Gregory Sanders Sanders was shot after he walked out of his home and pointed a high-powered rifle towards deputies, according to authorities. Officers had been called to the house to deal with a domestic disturbance. Sanders was said to have threatened to harm himself.
Schuylar Gunning Police said the man was shot by officers as he drove towards a road block and refused to stop his vehicle. He was being pursued for allegedly driving recklessly.
Omar Ventura Police said Ventura was shot as he walked with a knife towards his girlfriend, who was hiding behind a garbage can outside a home. The officer who fired had just been interviewing the girlfriend about two alleged domestic assaults by Ventura earlier in the day, when Ventura returned to the scene and refused to drop his knife as he approached the woman.
Kevin Matthews Dearborn police said the officer was patrolling the area of Tireman and Greenfield at the Dearborn-Detroit border when he saw Kevin. Police say he ran when the officer approached. "The officer chased the subject and encountered him several houses away in Detroit, where a struggle ensued," the news release said. "Subsequently, the officer fired his department-issued weapon, striking the subject."  He was unarmed, and community members dispute the police narrative.
Jose Rodriguez Police shot Rodriquez during a confrontation over an alleged armed carjacking. Officials said a gun was found with Rodriquez's body.
Michael Hilber Hilber, a fugitive from New Hampshire, allegedly carried out an armed robbery of a Family Dollar store with a second man. After fleeing the robbery in a car the pair split up. Officers found Hilber, who was armed, with the help of a police dog and shot him during an ensuing confrontation. The second man was captured and charged.
Charles Reynolds After they pulled into a busy shopping mall parking lot, Reynolds allegedly fired at a Ludlow police officer who had stopped him for a traffic violation. The officer was struck in the shoulder before returning fire and killing Reynolds.
Kenneth Stephens Police were conducting a drug raid when they confronted Stephens inside a home. Officers shot Stephens when he pointed a rifle at them, investigators said.
Chan Leith Police had been pursuing the man, who had allegedly stolen a car, for several days. They spotted the stolen vehicle in a convenience store parking lot, authorities said. The man rammed his car into an officer's cruiser and the store's front door before officers shot him, according to police.
Bobby Daniels A security guard at a mobile home park called police to report that he had been kidnapped and had escaped, according to authorities. Police were arresting three suspects in the kidnapping, when an officer disarmed one of the suspects and placed the gun on the hood of a nearby car, investigators said. A second suspect grabbed the gun and pointed it at deputies when he was fatally shot, according to officials.
Guadalupe Quiroz Officers responded to a report of a man with a gun and shot the man when he allgedly brandished his gun at them, police said.
Alfredo Barrientos At about 6:40 a.m., LMC emergency room staff called police, requesting assistance with a “combative patient who had disconnected himself from his IV and catheter and was trying to leave the hospital,” police said. “The patient was naked and bleeding at the time of the call.
“The Laredo police response and situation assessment required the use of a Taser by the police officer.” Soon after he was returned to LMC’s care, the 47-year-old man died, LPD said.
Derek DeGroat Troopers responded after investigators say someone inside the home called 911 saying Derek DeGroat was threatening to take his own life and had guns.The Wayne County district attorney says troopers shot and killed DeGroat, but it's not clear what caused troopers to use deadly force.
Michael Noel Noel was having a psychological breakdown and his mother requested an order of protection. Police said that when they arrived, Noel resisted arrest and could not be subdued after two Taser deployments. Noel's aunt said he was then shot in the chest. Two witnesses have maintained that Noel was unarmed, while police haven't commented on whether he was armed or not.
Robert Teter Teter allegedly got into an argument with a cab driver over the fare. Officials said Teter pulled out a gun when the driver called police. Deputies shot him when he refused to drop his weapon, according to authorities.
Brandon Barsnick "Upon arrival, the team encountered the suspect outside on the porch of the residence. The man was armed with an assault rifle. A short standoff ensued," officials said.
"He said Barsnick did not comply with SWAT members' orders. (He) pointed the rifle at team members and was fatally wounded by team members responding to the imminent, life- threatening situation," officials said. 
Lionel Waters Waters was shocked with a Taser after he brandished a gun at state troopers who were searching for someone else, according to authorities. Waters went into cardiac arrest and spent about 20 days in hospital before dying.
Mark Ramirez Police were informed that Ramirez was suicidal and possible armed, according to authorities. Officers responded to his home and shot Ramirez when he answered the door and moved his gun in the direction of the officers, police said.
Leroy Browning Browning fled from deputies who were attempting to arrest him for DUI. Browning allegedly reached for a deputy's firearm during a physical altercation prompting police to open fire.
Jeffrey Hiltz A Danvers man fleeing police was killed yesterday when the car he was driving ran over police "stop sticks" and went off Interstate 95.
Roy Nelson Hayward officers responded to a report of a man needing an emergency mental health evaluation. After arriving, officers determined Roy needed an involuntary psychiatric hold and put him in the back of a police car. On the way to the hospital, police allege that Roy tried to kick out the car's rear window. The police put Roy in a leg restraint, after which Roy died.
Ruben Herrera Herrera allegedly reached for an officer's firearm during an altercation inside a local hospital. He was shot once in the torso. Officers brought Herrera to hospital after using a Taser and pepper spray on him as they claimed he resisted arrest. His mother witnessed the arrest and said Herrera had complied with police commands.
Trevon Scruggs The man took a three-year-old child hostage at a residence. A 15-hour standoff with police ended when the child was released without harm. The man then opened fired on officers, police said. The officers returned fire.
Edel Moreland Moreland allegedly tried to rob an off-duty Baltimore police officer using a toy gun. The off-duty officer, an 18-year veteran, opened fire during the incident.
Amos Frerichs Frerichs reportedly attempted to shoplift a sports store and fled from deputies who deployed Tasers as he resisted arrest. Frerichs reached his vehicle and ran over the two deputies, according to police. One deputy then opened fire.
Erica Lauro Officers were pursuing Lauro and two men she was with during an assault investigation, authorities said. When police caught up with group, Lauro and one of the men allegedly began shooting at officers. Police said Lauro was pronounced dead at the scene and both men were arrested.
Robert L. Martinez The man allegedly waved a handgun at officers, who arrived following a domestic dispute. Two deputies were involved in the shooting, police said.
Douglas Yon Yon was standing outside his home with a machete when police responded to a disturbance call, according to authorities. Police said he was killed when he engaged officers.
Christopher Fletcher Fletcher refused to stop riding his bicycle when police tried to pull him over, authorities said. Officers pursued Fletcher and shot him when they realized he was armed and ignored the officers' commands to drop his gun, according to police.
Bryant Duncan Duncan reportedly called 911 and told the dispatcher a crime was going to happen and he wanted police to kill him. Duncan was shot when he approached a responding deputy with a knife, police said.
Ronnie Dubose Carr Events surrounding the incident began around noon Tuesday, when police were called to Ingles in Dallas regarding fraudulent checks. Two suspects inside the store, Odell Dewayne Lloyd, 43, of Charlotte, and Eric White, 59, of Charlotte, were charged with check fraud. Meanwhile, another officer saw a car reported to have been driven by a suspect in similar crimes. When the officer attempted to stop that car, the driver fled. A short chase ensued, and the driver crashed on U.S. 321 at Hardin Road. As officers approached the car, the suspect drove into a patrol car. An officer then fired his gun.
Shun Ma Shun Ma was arrested at his Beacon Hill home Dec. 3 on suspicion of threatening to kill his brother. After police handcuffed him, he was taken to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of an injury sustained during his struggle with officers. Ma would died from his injuries a few weeks later.

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