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Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals affirms conviction of George Martin

The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals has affirmed the conviction of a former Alabama state trooper who was convicted of murdering his wife in 1995.

George Martin's conviction came after the charred remains of Hamelokeith Martin were discovered in a burned car on October 8, 1995 on Willis Road in Tillman's Corner.

Prosecutors argued the crime scene was staged to look like an accident.

Martin was sentenced to death.

In 2015, Martin's conviction was overturned, and a new trial was ordered. Instead, a lower court dismissed the indictment against Martin, and he was freed.

In 2016, the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals upheld that decision. However, in 2018 the Alabama Supreme Court ordered Martin be retried for capital murder. He was sentenced to life without parole.

"Twenty five years ago George Martin took the life of his wife by setting her on fire in order to collect insurance money,” said Attorney General Marshall. “Martin, a former state trooper, who was originally convicted of this heinous crime twenty years ago, has spent decades evading justice. Today, the Court of Criminal Appeals upheld Martin’s second capital murder conviction and his sentence of life without parole. It is finally time for this cold-blooded killer to pay for his crime.”

Attorney General Marshall commended Assistant Attorney General Audrey Jordan who handled the appeal, as well as Assistant Attorneys General Andrew Arrington, Tina Hammonds and Polly Kenny for their dedicated work in securing Martin’s conviction. Marshall also gave special thanks to Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich for her invaluable assistance in this case.


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