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Man shot inside Seattle’s CHOP claims racists attacked him in ‘hate crime’

A man critically injured in one of the shootings inside Seattle’s chaotic, cop-free CHAZ claims it was a hate crime committed by racist infiltrators who dropped the N-word.

DeJuan Young told KIRO 7 that he was fleeing the sound of gunshots from where a teenager was shot dead early Saturday when he was accosted by at least four men who dropped a racial slur when they shot him.

“I’m not sure if they’re Proud Boys or KKK,” Young told the station of the attack in the so-called “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone.”

“But the verbiage that they said was, ‘Hold this n—r’ — and shot me.”

Speaking from a hospital bed, Young told the station that the force knocked him onto the hood of a car.


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