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Police Arrest Woman Accused Of Breaking Into Eagle Rock Home, Stealing Car

EAGLE ROCK (CBSLA) — The Los Angeles Police Department Friday announced they arrested a 40-year-old woman in connection on suspicion of breaking into a home earlier this week while the owners were on vacation.

Breanna Cates, 40, has been arrested on suspicion of breaking into an Eagle Rock home earlier this week. (Credit: Facebook)

In a video posted to social media of the arrest, police can be heard telling the woman, identified as Breanne Cates, to stop breaking into houses.Cates is accused of breaking into an Eagle Rock home while owners Jeff and Josefine Woodruff were on vacation. The couple’s security cameras caught a woman making herself at home Monday night, stealing their car and coming back to the home with a friend in a different car.

“Never once in the video did she seem concerned that police were going to show up or anything, she was just like, ‘This is my house,” Jeff said.

Throughout the night, strangers were captured on surveillance video coming and going until they were caught by Denise who showed up in the morning to clean the home.

“There was food there, they all had fans on, the lights on, cigarette butts all over,” Denise said. “So it looked like they had been hanging out at the house for a while.”


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