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Woman Arrested For Starting Fire At Wendy’s Where Rayshard Brooks Was Killed


Protests Continue In Atlanta After Police Killing Of Rayshard Brooks




Natalie White—one of the women suspected of setting fire to the Atlanta Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed—has been arrested and faces charges of first-degree arson on the day of his funeral.


Atlanta Fire Investigators issued an arrest warrant for first-degree arson for Natalie White on Sunday.

The fast-food restaurant was set on fire and destroyed on June 13, one night after Brooks was shot in the parking lot by an Atlanta police officer, who was later charged with felony murder.

According to investigators, the fire was ignited by “multiple suspects” who used aerosol cans and lighters.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office tweeted out that White was in custody and being booked.

It has been reported that White may have had a romantic relationship with Rayshard Brooks.


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