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Records When it comes to locating inmates or searching for criminal records , having access to accurate and up-to-date information is crucial. Records play a vital role in this process, providing valuable details about prisoners and their past convictions. Types of Records There are various types of records that are essential for inmate searches and criminal investigations. These records include: Inmate Records: These records contain detailed information about inmates, such as their personal details, booking dates, inmate numbers, and current location within the correctional facility. Criminal Records: Criminal records provide critical information about individuals who have been convicted of crimes. These records contain arrest records, court proceedings, charges, convictions, and sentencing details. Prison Records: Prison records are specific to correctional facilities and contain information about the management of inmates, disciplinary actions, parole

Feds Arrest Man Wanted In Murder Of Indiana Police Officer’s Son After Foot Chase In Oakland

OAKLAND (AP) — A man wanted in the fatal shootings of a Gary police officer’s son and another man was apprehended in Oakland

by federal marshals after he tossed a gun during a foot chase, officials said.

Michael Sherrod Smith, 35, was arrested on July 21 in Oakland, on two counts each of murder and attempted murder, the U.S. Marshals Service Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force said.

Smith, who had a Gary address as recently as June 2019, was arrested by marshals with the U.S. Marshals Pacific Southwest Fugitive Task Force after he left a home in Oakland. When investigators approached, Smith ran and discarded a firearm, which officials recovered in the arrest.

Smith is accused of firing a semi-automatic pistol in September 2019 into a vehicle in Gary occupied by four people.

More: https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2020/07/28/feds-arrest-man-wanted-in-murder-of-indiana-police-officers-son-after-foot-chase-in-oakland/

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