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'Hindi kami kriminal': Motorcyclists hold unity ride vs 'unfair' policies

MANILA, Philippines – Motorcycle riders on Sunday, May 27, protested the government's alleged discriminatory policies against them and sought a meeting with President Rodrigo Duterte.

Riders from Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, and Laguna trooped to the People Power Monument to join the unity ride organized by the Riders of the Philippines (ROTP). From there, they traversed EDSA, Quezon Avenue, and España Boulevard, until they reached Mendiola, where they delivered a letter to Malacañang.

Organizers estimated that around 5,000 riders joined the protest.

"The community of motorcyclists is growing and expanding but so have regulations issued by both the local and national government agencies that target and tag riders as troublemakers. The community will not take these sitting down. We will fight for our rights and we are making that stand now," said Jobert Bolanos of the Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO), one of the ROTP convenors.

Robert Perillo, co-convenor of ROTP and a member of the Bulacan Motorcycle Riders Confederation, condemned the supposed "arbitrary implementation of anti-modification regulations."


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