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Records When it comes to locating inmates or searching for criminal records , having access to accurate and up-to-date information is crucial. Records play a vital role in this process, providing valuable details about prisoners and their past convictions. Types of Records There are various types of records that are essential for inmate searches and criminal investigations. These records include: Inmate Records: These records contain detailed information about inmates, such as their personal details, booking dates, inmate numbers, and current location within the correctional facility. Criminal Records: Criminal records provide critical information about individuals who have been convicted of crimes. These records contain arrest records, court proceedings, charges, convictions, and sentencing details. Prison Records: Prison records are specific to correctional facilities and contain information about the management of inmates, disciplinary actions, parole

'I'm not a bad guy': Police video captures distraught Floyd

MINNEAPOLIS -- Body-camera footage made public Wednesday from two Minneapolis police officers involved in George Floyd's arrest

captured a panicked and fearful Floyd pleading with the officers in the minutes before his death, saying “I'm not a bad guy!" as they tried to wrestle him into a squad car.

“I'm not that kind of guy,” Floyd says as he struggles against the officers. “I just had COVID, man, I don't want to go back to that." An onlooker pleads with Floyd to stop struggling, saying, “You can't win!” Floyd replies, “I don't want to win!”

A few minutes later, with Floyd now face-down on the street, the cameras record his fading voice, still occasionally saying, “I can't breathe” before he goes still.

The recordings from Officers Thomas Lane and J. Kueng are part of the criminal case against them and two other officers in Floyd's May 25 death. Derek Chauvin, who held his knee against Floyd's neck for nearly eight minutes, is charged with second-degree murder. Lane, Kueng and another officer, Tou Thao, are charged with aiding and abetting.

All four officers were fired a day after Floyd's death. Journalists and members of the public were allowed to view the footage Wednesday by appointment. Judge Peter Cahill, without explanation, has declined to allow publication of the video.

The footage shows the officers' view of a death already widely seen on a bystander's cellphone video, which set off tumultuous protests in Minneapolis that quickly spread around the world and sparked a national reckoning on race and policing.


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