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Latest Suspects Arrested in Murder of Missing Coachella Valley Couple Charged

Felony charges were filed Thursday against three people who are accused along with three previously charged

suspects in the killings of a Coachella Valley couple who were reported missing three years ago.

Aaron Fernando Bernal, 28, of Indio, and Coachella residents Adilene Ines Castaneda, 27, and Eric Rios, 31, were arrested Tuesday for the killings of Audrey Moran, 26, and Jonathan Reynoso, 28, who disappeared May 10, 2017.

Bernal and Castaneda were each charged with one count of murder and accessory after the fact. They are also facing a special-circumstance allegation of killing a witness of a crime, which could make them eligible for the death penalty if convicted, and if prosecutors opt to pursue it.

Rios was charged with two counts of being accessory to murder after the fact.


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