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Prisoner serving 25 years for an armed robbery that his mother masterminded is 'caught running elaborate fraud scheme to steal $1million of goods from Lowe's to build himself a house - all while he was behind bars'

Jared Murray, 37, is an inmate at South Bay Correctional Facility in Florida

A criminal serving 25 years behind bars for an armed robbery that his mother masterminded has been accused of running a fraud scheme which allowed him to build

his dream home using $1million worth of stolen materials from Lowe's - all while he was in prison. 

Jared Murray, 37, is an inmate at South Bay Correctional Facility in Florida. 

He is serving a 25-year sentence for his role in a 2011 armed robbery that his mother, Loretta Hart, masterminded. She is also in prison.  

For the last year, he has allegedly been building a home in Lake Placid using goods that were stolen from Lowe's. 

He is said to have pulled it off for a year by using a contraband cellphone to place orders with Lowe's under the names of contractors who had open lines of credit with the home improvements store. 

Murray would steal their identities and order materials to be sent to the property, it is claimed. Contractors there then constructed the house, without ever meeting him. 

According to an FBI affidavit about the case that was obtained by The Daily Beast, Murray or one of his associates would impersonate the contractors to place large orders with Lowe's. 

He would then allegedly sell some of the materials online, on apps like OfferUp, and keep the money to pay contractors working on his property. 


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