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Records When it comes to locating inmates or searching for criminal records , having access to accurate and up-to-date information is crucial. Records play a vital role in this process, providing valuable details about prisoners and their past convictions. Types of Records There are various types of records that are essential for inmate searches and criminal investigations. These records include: Inmate Records: These records contain detailed information about inmates, such as their personal details, booking dates, inmate numbers, and current location within the correctional facility. Criminal Records: Criminal records provide critical information about individuals who have been convicted of crimes. These records contain arrest records, court proceedings, charges, convictions, and sentencing details. Prison Records: Prison records are specific to correctional facilities and contain information about the management of inmates, disciplinary actions, parole

Arcadia murder

Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers is still searching for a suspect in the killing of a store manager almost 42 years ago.
On Nov. 6, 1979, at around 2 a.m., 25-year-old Adele Marie Easterly, of Arcadia, was found shot to death at The Farm Store located on US-17 in Punta Gorda. She was an assistant manager at the store.
A deputy investigating a suspicious vehicle found Easterly’s body inside the store. She had been shot twice with a shotgun and her killer escaped with around $7.34 from the store.
Detectives with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office believe that the now-elderly male suspect in Easterly’s murder left Florida and has been residing in Kentucky or Tennessee for many years. They also believe he has intimate knowledge of law enforcement practices who has tailored his criminal activities to avoid being caught, and that he has openly shared his involvement in the murder with others, including during threatening arguments and domestic violence against women.
more: https://www.winknews.com/2021/02/16/crime-stoppers-looking-for-leads-in-1979-arcadia-murder/


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