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 antony a acosta 11A3639 HISPANIC 7/30/1968 MALE QUEENS SEXUAL ABUSE-

adrian a adamus 99B2184 WHITE 6/14/1978 MALE NIAGARA ASSAULT-1 >96

ahmed a adem 15R1079 OTHER 1/1/1983 MALE KINGS ATT DRUG TRAFFICKER

aquil allen ala 74A3949 BLACK 1/23/1940 MALE NOT FOUND ATT RAPE-1 >78

akbar abdul aleem 72C0163 BLACK 12/16/1947 MALE NOT FOUND ROBBERY-1 >78

anthony a allen Jr 16A5255 BLACK 4/7/1992 MALE ORANGE CPCS-3 >79

andre amelio alvarez 83A1443 HISPANIC 9/23/1961 MALE BRONX CPW-2 >78

adam a alwardt 08B0807 WHITE 2/25/1988 MALE GENESEE ASSAULT-2

amr a amer 18A0258 WHITE 1/21/1991 MALE SARATOGA ATT CS FIREARM3

armando a araujo 15B0790 WHITE 11/16/1966 MALE MONROE ATT BURGLARY-2 

anderson a arroyo 16B2838 HISPANIC 12/22/1984 MALE ERIE ROBBERY-1 >78

angel a arroyo 17B0425 HISPANIC 10/7/1983 MALE MONROE GRAND LARCENY-4

aldrian a ashby 17R3032 BLACK 6/14/1985 MALE BRONX ATT ROBBERY-3

anyelo a asiaticogeraldino 17R1329 HISPANIC 9/14/1984 MALE NEW YORK CPCS-2

abdulkarim a atieh 18B2765 OTHER 1/2/1989 MALE OSWEGO ATT BURGLARY-3

angel a ayala 17B1615 WHITE 5/27/1981 MALE MONROE CPSP-4

arthur a barber 15R1374 BLACK 8/12/1986 MALE NEW YORK CONSPIRACY-4

addison astor barnes Jr 73P5028 WHITE 1/29/1939 MALE HERKIMER ATT ROBBERY-1 >78

alexis a bass 17A4963 BLACK 5/14/1985 MALE SCHENECTADY ATT CSCS-3 >79

auner a benitez 04R2998 UNKNOWN 10/1/1984 MALE NASSAU ASSAULT-1 >96 

andrew a bennett 96R6858 HISPANIC 1/14/1971 MALE NEW YORK CPCS-2

arnold a bernstein 94A2845 WHITE 1/25/1940 MALE ORANGE MANSL'TER1>78

asim a bomani 86A6575 BLACK 7/6/1962 MALE KINGS ROBBERY-1 >78

arthur a bonetti 86A2206 WHITE 9/20/1951 MALE QUEENS ATT MURDER-2

anthony a bowman 04B2388 WHITE 4/23/1972 MALE CORTLAND BURGLARY-3

anthony a bradley 95B2062 BLACK 5/21/1967 MALE CHEMUNG CSCS-3 >79

asar a brandow 02R3090 BLACK 1/30/1973 MALE NEW YORK CPW-3/VFO

arnold a brock 01A1786 WHITE 10/23/1979 MALE RENSSELAER ASSAULT-1 >96

albert a brossoit 99A2506 WHITE 8/2/1971 MALE ST LAWRENCE BURGLARY-2

alexander a brown 01B0018 BLACK 9/1/1957 MALE LIVINGSTON PRISON CONTR-1 

antonio a brown 05B0765 BLACK 6/30/1986 MALE MONROE ROBBERY-1 >78

aquan a brown 15R2336 BLACK 9/27/1992 MALE NASSAU CSCS-3 >79

ameer a burnett 09B0854 BLACK 1/8/1992 MALE MONROE BURGLARY-1>78

alicia a campbell 16G0435 BLACK 5/21/1988 FEMALE NASSAU ASSAULT-2

aleah a carero 20G0178 WHITE 11/29/1996 FEMALE SARATOGA BURGLARY-3

anthony a carter 13B3479 BLACK 7/28/1966 MALE ERIE ASSAULT-2

aris a chaparro 17R0622 WHITE 8/20/1970 MALE SUFFOLK CPCS-3 >79

alyssa a chukoloski 14G0619 WHITE 10/29/1984 FEMALE BROOME GRAND LARCENY-4

ariosto a cintron 16B0589 HISPANIC 7/29/1960 MALE BROOME CRIM CONTEMPT-1

alexis a claflin 14G1090 WHITE 5/25/1977 FEMALE OSWEGO ATT CPCS-4 >79 

angel a colon 17B3491 HISPANIC 8/21/1987 MALE MONROE CPCS-3 >79

anibal a cortes 94A3151 HISPANIC 1/23/1968 MALE BRONX ARSON-1

allison a cowell 17G0232 BLACK 1/3/1983 FEMALE SUFFOLK ATT ASSAULT-1 >96

alex a craig 14B3645 BLACK 3/16/1989 MALE CATTARAUGUS ATT CSCS-3 >79

andrew a crimes 16B2394 BLACK 2/6/1972 MALE GENESEE CRIM CONTEMPT-1

ariel a cruz 15R2820 HISPANIC 3/6/1962 MALE QUEENS CPCS-3 >79

ali a dade 17B0467 BLACK 6/24/1989 MALE MONROE CPCS-3 >79

aaron a davis 16B3681 BLACK 7/16/1969 MALE CHAUTAUQUA CSCS-3 >79

antoine a debold 14B3382 BLACK 5/26/1987 MALE ERIE CPW-2 >78

alvaro a delgado 09R1296 HISPANIC 11/6/1982 MALE SUFFOLK CPW-2 >78 

andreo a delnevo 17A5129 WHITE 6/21/1984 MALE WASHINGTON AGGR UNLIC OP 1

angelo a demaria 11A5463 WHITE 4/16/1957 MALE ORANGE UNLW SURVL2 2-4

aldo a diaz 07B1712 HISPANIC 1/8/1978 MALE ONEIDA ROBBERY-1 >78

arnold a diaz 14R1058 HISPANIC 5/26/1979 MALE NEW YORK ASSAULT-2

armando a dragon 11A1825 HISPANIC 10/1/1974 MALE SUFFOLK ATT CSCS-3 >79

albert a drake 18B0838 BLACK 12/31/1978 MALE ERIE CPCS-4 >79

andrew a drake 19B1879 WHITE 10/13/1997 MALE ONEIDA ATT BURG 2 SUB 2

alton a dunn 07B3725 BLACK 8/8/1989 MALE MONROE ROBBERY-2 >78

anthony a duquette 96B1410 WHITE 6/25/1931 MALE CLINTON SODOMY-2 <03

antonio a egleton 18B2431 BLACK 6/17/1986 MALE ERIE ATT CPW-2 >78 

allen a ellis 98A6847 BLACK 5/31/1967 MALE SCHENECTADY ATT CSCS-3 >79

ali a esaleh 18B0048 WHITE 5/28/1975 MALE ERIE CRIM CONTEMPT-1

allenson a estime 09R3769 BLACK 9/24/1986 MALE SUFFOLK ATT GANG ASSAULT-2

alvin a fancher III 18B2128 WHITE 4/10/1978 MALE ONEIDA ATT BURGLARY-3

abdirazak a farah 17B0003 BLACK 12/20/1988 MALE ERIE DWI 2ND OFF

armond a favreau 83D0001 WHITE 5/11/1934 MALE CLINTON RAPE-3

alejandro a fernandez 10A5546 HISPANIC 2/9/1968 MALE SUFFOLK CUR/SEX CHLD-1

anibal a figueroa 74A0969 HISPANIC 10/28/1934 MALE NOT FOUND MANSLAUGHTER-2

alexander a flores 09A1319 HISPANIC 6/11/1982 MALE NASSAU UNLAW IMPRIS-1

anthony a foster 93A1412 BLACK 10/30/1974 MALE KINGS MANSL'TER1>78 

ada aaron foy 62A0113 BLACK 7/19/1940 MALE NOT FOUND MURDER-2

alvin a frank 73A5449 BLACK 10/6/1950 MALE NEW YORK ATT ASSULT-1<11/96

anyello a frayind C125642 HISPANIC 10/20/1984 MALE NOT FOUND ASSAULT-2

arnold a garrison 11A0647 BLACK 11/11/1987 MALE SUFFOLK CS FIREARM3

ashley a gatto 17G0316 WHITE 8/7/1990 FEMALE ONEIDA ASSAULT-2

ashley a genier 17G0692 WHITE 8/27/1988 FEMALE WARREN CPCS-3 >79

al a givans 16B0968 BLACK 12/20/1981 MALE JEFFERSON CSCS-3 >79

abner a gomez 10B0315 HISPANIC 6/6/1979 MALE MONROE MANSLAUGHTER-2

alfredo a gonzalez 17B2640 HISPANIC 9/6/1970 MALE ERIE CP FORG INST-2

angel a gopi 16A4477 HISPANIC 11/10/1986 MALE SARATOGA CPCS-5 >79 

antone a gulledge 17B3474 BLACK 1/23/1996 MALE ERIE CPW-2 >78

antwoin a gutierrez 09A6086 BLACK 4/7/1987 MALE WESTCHESTER ATT ROBBERY-2 >78

andrew a halbert 18B2286 WHITE 9/1/1989 MALE ERIE ASSAULT-2

aaron a hallock 14A3186 WHITE 6/26/1976 MALE SUFFOLK BURGLARY-3

arthur a harper 08A6420 WHITE 6/6/1948 MALE ST LAWRENCE CRIM SEX ACT 1

arthur a harper Jr 00A3601 WHITE 3/21/1972 MALE ST LAWRENCE CRIM MISCHIEF-3

andrew a harrington 14B0178 WHITE 7/23/1990 MALE MADISON ATT RAPE-2

andre a hawkins 19B2800 BLACK 3/9/1998 MALE BROOME ATT CPW-2 >78

austin a heideman 18B1717 WHITE 7/10/1997 MALE GENESEE CRIMPOSSPREMETH

allison a henderson 21G0056 WHITE 4/30/1976 FEMALE BROOME ATT FORGERY-2 

antonio a hernandez 91A5086 HISPANIC 8/26/1962 MALE NOT FOUND BURGLARY-3

alex a hines 14A1080 BLACK 12/16/1971 MALE NASSAU CRIM MISCHIEF-3

andre a horton 15R0454 BLACK 9/17/1976 MALE NEW YORK ATT CPCS-3 >79

andrew a jackson 98R0708 BLACK 4/9/1967 MALE ONEIDA BURGLARY-2

anthony a jackson 14B2002 BLACK 8/15/1986 MALE ONEIDA CPCS-4 >79

agustus a jenkins 15A2895 BLACK 10/13/1985 MALE BRONX CRIM NEG HOM

ara a jenkins 01G0466 BLACK 5/2/1983 FEMALE RENSSELAER ATT ROBBERY-2 >78

ashley a jenkins 15G1021 BLACK 5/12/1988 FEMALE YATES GRAND LARCENY-4

asencione a jimenez 19A0488 HISPANIC 6/18/1980 MALE WESTCHESTER ATT CPCS-3 >79

aaron a johnson 17B3296 WHITE 8/22/1994 MALE CHAUTAUQUA CRIM POS FIRARM 

anthony a johnson 96B1525 BLACK 7/1/1956 MALE NIAGARA CPCS-3 >79

abbas a kalonji 85C0439 BLACK 5/14/1959 MALE ONONDAGA RAPE-1 >78

ali abdul karim 76A3113 BLACK 5/17/1950 MALE NOT FOUND ROBBERY-1 >78

arthur a kominez 81C0307 WHITE 1/13/1957 MALE NOT FOUND ATT BURGLARY-2

angela a kruse 17G1078 WHITE 9/12/1971 FEMALE WYOMING AGGRAVATED DWI

aaron a kujawa 12B0546 WHITE 1/13/1985 MALE TIOGA BURGLARY-2

anthony a larose 16A2841 WHITE 8/27/1982 MALE ST LAWRENCE MANUFACT METH-3

amir a latif 87A8373 BLACK 10/14/1961 MALE ERIE MANSLAUGHTER-2

andrew a lemmon 18B0094 WHITE 12/27/1987 MALE LIVINGSTON CPCS-5 >79

april a leno 08G0082 WHITE 4/1/1976 FEMALE ONTARIO BURGLARY-1>78 

anthony a leone 15B2534 WHITE 5/30/1968 MALE GENESEE CPCS-5 >79

azeem a lewis 18B1016 BLACK 7/20/1993 MALE ERIE CPCS-4 >79

algernon a lovell 13B1234 BLACK 5/27/1980 MALE JEFFERSON ATT CSCS-3 >79

alamin a malik 89A3322 BLACK 8/3/1957 MALE NEW YORK GRAND LARCENY-4

ansar abdul malik 82A0105 BLACK 6/14/1949 MALE BRONX ROBBERY-1 >78

aniello a malvone 08A1701 WHITE 6/27/1971 MALE SUFFOLK BURGLARY-3

allison a marshall 18G0915 WHITE 5/7/1992 FEMALE OTSEGO CPCS-5 >79

antony antonio mateo 81A0189 WHITE 7/29/1958 MALE BRONX ROBBERY-2 >78

akeem a mauzon 02A3754 BLACK 7/18/1983 MALE ALBANY BURGLARY-2

april a mcdonough 16G0411 WHITE 4/23/1990 FEMALE SUFFOLK ATT CPW-3/VFO 

arthur a meredith 17R1781 BLACK 1/17/1977 MALE BRONX ASSAULT-1 >96

anthony a morgan 15R1251 BLACK 9/7/1994 MALE QUEENS ASSAULT-1 >96

ali abdullah muhammad 72A1206 BLACK 3/12/1950 MALE NOT FOUND ASSULT-1<11/96

anthony a nagel 05B0302 WHITE 9/6/1968 MALE CATTARAUGUS ATT BURGLARY-2

allen a nelson 11R1073 WHITE 10/12/1960 MALE SUFFOLK ATT ROBBERY-2 >78

antonio a nelson 03B2746 BLACK 7/28/1956 MALE MONROE ATT ROBBERY-1 >78

ashlee a niles 15G0101 WHITE 4/7/1984 FEMALE ONEIDA GRAND LARCENY-4

austin a novak 14B2415 WHITE 9/7/1994 MALE BROOME ATT CSCS-3 >79

abdulgadir a nur 80A3318 BLACK 1/15/1957 MALE BRONX MANSL'TER1>78

anthony a odum Jr 15B3283 BLACK 5/17/1994 MALE MONROE ROBBERY-2 >78



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