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Sisters Sousan "Juju" Arab, left, and Nasim Arab were fatally shot last year in Houston.

Nasim had left her ex-boyfriend Arian Hojat two weeks earlier, after his behavior — possessiveness, a quick temper, a fixation with guns — became too troubling to ignore. He was scheduled to come pick up his things from her apartment in Houston later that day, and Sahar feared what he might do.

“I pleaded with her: ‘Please don’t meet him. Leave stuff at the leasing office,’” Sahar told FRONTLINE. “I literally said, ‘He could kill you, Nasim.’”

It was the last time they spoke. Within hours, Sahar’s sisters were fatally shot, with Hojat as the sole suspect. He would be found in his car days later, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot.

Nasim and Juju were among more than 2,000 people killed by domestic-violence-related shootings in 2020 — a 4% increase nationwide over 2019, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit that tracks shootings across the United States.

But that uptick was not equally distributed. While some states saw shooting fatalities from domestic violence stay level or even decrease in 2020, an analysis of data from the Gun Violence Archive revealed that others saw major spikes. To find out why, FRONTLINE spoke to researchers, advocates and law enforcement from four of the worst-affected states across the country.

Domestic violence advocates in three of those states — Texas, Utah and Missouri — said their states’ weak gun laws could be a factor, but a fourth, Maryland, has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. The data, and the questions it evokes, has advocates and law enforcement raising alarms and looking for answers.
Stella Moore; Betty Obrien; Keith Evans; Donna Robinson; Leonard Franklin; Sharon Pratt; Julia Berry; James Ingram; Gloria Patrick; Sherry Moore; Doris Davis; Greg Carpenter; Juan Cook; Gina Holt; Rita Clark; Francis Brown; Heather Russell; Julie Wilson; Penny Jackson; Anna Walker; Tanya Drake;  Denette Taylor; Todd Vargas; Kristina Marie Taylor; Mary Lou Taylor; William Gordon; Joyce Peters; Yolanda Burns; William Lynch; Monica Price; Eugene Jordan; Michael Lopez; Ryan Clark; Andrew Thomas; Charles Ruiz; John Guerrero; Norma Jackson; Barbara Stanley; Norma Collier; John Williams; Terry Martin; Wayne Barton; Gloria Santos; Patricia Fox; Jonathan Campbell; Wendy Ramirez; Travis Davis; Frank Cummings; Priscilla Dunn; Kevin Logan; Dorothy Tucker; Stella Diaz; Donald Lynch; Jordan Collier; Thomas Simmons; Marie Jones; Jason Russell; Zachary Nguyen; Patricia Perkins; Aaron Hill; Theresa Smith; Kenneth Ellis; John Howard; Joyce Young; Peter Smith; Elizabeth Johnson; Jeremy Davis; Seth Ortiz; Paula Gonzales; Linda Martinez; Annie Wood; Ruben Rodriguez; Angela Bell; Cindy Thomas; Sara Quinn; Thomas Morton; Mae Smith; Donna Roberts; Brandon Martinez; Robert Hayes; Joel Lyons; Ernest Fox; Cathy Miles; Ronald Carter; Tom Lynch; Mary Martinez; Donna Jennings; Emily Harper; George Adams; Jenny Reynolds; Raul Dunn; Edwin Gardner; Corey Fox; Derek Cole; Darlene Hawkins; Jose Wright; Misty Lambert; Carol Kennedy; Mary Schwartz; Christopher Martinez


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